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Apr 11, 2018
Nov 12, 2017
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Back from niece's wedding & working on the Silver project again. Dec 12, 2017

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Apr 11, 2018
    1. Joy Diamond
      Joy Diamond
      Working on brevity today!
      1. Llareian
        I'd ask for more information, but... ;)
        Nov 16, 2017
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      2. Joy Diamond
        Joy Diamond
        I think encouraging our favorite studio by enhancing the engine can help mitigate the "copy/paste" game syndrome.
        Nov 16, 2017
    2. Joy Diamond
      Joy Diamond
      A pretty Diamond ... working on brevity today!
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    3. Joy Diamond
      Joy Diamond
      Exploring documenting & extending JavaScript API
    4. Joy Diamond
      Joy Diamond
      Programmer, exploring RMMV
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    I'm Joy Diamond. I have been a programmer for 40+ years, and have a passion for teaching others to program.
    • I believe programming games can teach useful skills to assist in getting a job (certainly it has helped me that way many times over the last 35 years).
    I believe modifying a game is the best way to learn the joy of programming (since that is how I started 40 years ago & fell in love with programming).​

    I'd love to work cooperatively with the RPG Maker community to build a game in RPG Maker MV (and probably also in Visual Novel Maker).​

    I'd really appreciate help from the community in putting together a proposal for my first game.
    Brief description of the Crystal Project (more details at the link):
    1. Crystal: Cooperative Resource Yielding Simple Tutorials and Lessons
    2. An RPG Maker MV Tool that guides you to create your first NPC, have it respond when touched by the player's avatar & walk around. This RPG Maker MV tool is actually a game created in RPG Maker MV.
    3. When you "save" or "playtest" your work, Crystal will read the JSON files you modified & then guide you (i.e.: it will walk you through the quest of creating the NPC).
    4. The demo game you will be modifying will actually be Crystal also (So you can examine the NPC's you are talking to in the tutorial that are guiding you, & see their source code)
    5. You will be able to upload your changes to a server (uploading consists of only the JSON files)
    6. You will be able to download someone's else's NPC into your version of Crystal & interact with it
    7. This is to encourage the person who is new to RPG Maker MV to share their first work, & will give them an easy way to share it.
    I've invited a few of my real life friends who are interested in the Crystal Project to join the forums, so they should be appearing over the next week or so.

    Joy Diamond.