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    Multithreading with Web Workers

    If you want to write multi-threaded programs for yourself, then sure, go ahead & have tons of fun. It is very educational. I didn't write my sentence carefully enough, sorry. By "useful" I meant useful to other people when you release your code to them. In other words, create...
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    Multithreading with Web Workers

    Web workers are not implemented until nw.js 0.18.4 RPG Maker MV 1.5.1 uses nw.js 0.12 RPG Maker MV 1.6.0 beta uses nw.js 0.25 So you would have to wait until RPG Maker MV 1.6.0 to even consider web workers. The much much bigger issue is the following reality: Only about 5% of good...
  3. Joy Diamond

    Alpha ABS 1.2. (Pre Release)

    Great idea. +1 I doubt it is either frivolous or easy. I think is super hard problem :wink: If done properly, would be a great addition to RPG Maker MV.
  4. Joy Diamond

    Plugsy - plugin development framework

    Thanks for using github & the MIT License. I'll be looking at this, as I am doing a very similar project, also MIT licensed. My main current focus is on: Turn the insanity of JavaScript into a modern programming language & environment. Basically restrict the developer from shooting himself...
  5. Joy Diamond

    Hiding helpWindow property of choiceWindow on Window_Message

    That was really helpful advice, @Seajiha -- I had not read it fully the first time -- sorry :oops: @Occupant, F8= Developer Tools. The console is one of the tabs of the developer tools -- probably the most useful tab: However, the other tabs are really useful also. Once you are used to the...
  6. Joy Diamond

    Hiding helpWindow property of choiceWindow on Window_Message

    @Occupant, First: Welcome to the Forums :cool: Second, Do you know how to use Developer Tools? Joy Diamond.
  7. Joy Diamond

    MUSH Plugins: Option System Plus

    MushroomCake28, Thanks for this plugin @MushroomCake28: I liked the video you put together; And the code looks quite readable. Special thanks for a really good license :cool: This allows others, like me, to use your code & integrate into another plugin -- thus giving a longer lifespan for...
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    WiggleLib - Variable Encounters & Random Encounter Formula

    Greetings, Yes, short term this is way easier. However, long term, this can lead to many problems, including lots of wasted time, ... I strongly suggest against editing the original rpg_*.js files; but instead ... Learning how to modify them from another *.js file. There are many example...
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    Gage Images

    Sharm, I'm confused also with your starting image. Also what is a gauge? Also: I'm still confused. So this is basically the edges around the boxes above? And you want this or something larger? Basically I would summarize: What you want is certainly doable But I can't understand...
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    Back from niece's wedding & working on the Silver project again.

    Back from niece's wedding & working on the Silver project again.
  11. Joy Diamond

    Very very nice music! :cool: I also just listened to a few other music packs you wrote ...

    Very very nice music! :cool: I also just listened to a few other music packs you wrote ... really nice. This great artistic community is why I picked RPG Maker MV & believe it is the right choice
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    Official Gacha Plugin Edit

    You are quite welcome & best wishes uses the Gacha plugin. Also thanks for pointing to some good code to look at in the future :cool:
  13. Joy Diamond

    Gone for 4 days to my niece's wedding :cool:

    Gone for 4 days to my niece's wedding :cool:
  14. Joy Diamond

    Silver: Show Important Local Variables, Extensible Research

    Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated :smile: I will avoid including any of Gacha in the Silver project.

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