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    Joy reacted to Guardinthena's post in the thread Game & Map Screenshots 11 with Love Love.
    Screenshots of the starting village, currently named Kuldahar. I've actually recreated this same village three times in three...
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    Joy replied to the thread July 2020 Goals and Progress Thread.
    Got some more progress done on the battle system! We've got a resized and more compact skill selection, with descriptions dynamically...
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    Joy reacted to Kokoro Hane's post in the thread July 2020 Goals and Progress Thread with Like Like.
    I am happy to say, as of yesterday, I managed to finish the jam edition of the game. It was a lot of fun to make and can't wait to...
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    Joy replied to the thread July 2020 Goals and Progress Thread.
    Deeply back into the game making again. Now that I'm a programmer by profession, time to see about finishing up old projects that I had...
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    Joy updated their status.
    Less talk, more do. Let's get this demo out.
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    Joy replied to the thread Consumable Item Effects.
    I've got a game I'm getting the demo together for right now that has no magic, so consumables are very important and varied. The key is...

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