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  • I have no idea how to begin remaking my ACE project in MV ;-;
    Open up MV, start playing your old project in testplay, and map the project in MV while in testplay for your old project (in ACE)? That way you can see it side by side as you draw it.
    I started with the Database. Refill everything in the Database. After that, start with mapping! :D
    Yeah I'm working on the database right now. What I want to do is change the old graphics since I was using the 'Old School Modern' tiles in Ace, but they're extremely limited and I'm tired of trying to get past its limitations lol. So now I'm working on new (placeholder?) graphics while redoing the database! Still, I'm having a blast
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Working on a case. Get all the evidence to prosecute some bad guys. :kaojoy:
But, the game development schedule delayed. :kaoswt2:
The moral of the story: No good deed goes unpunished... I guess...
Except that, nothing to see here. :kaoswt2:
just beat ff7 original for the first time since 2010. having played remake last year, I have a much better appreciation for the original oddly enough. I still like some of the character presentation in remake more, but the original's got a lot going for it.
Ever reach that moment in your life when your juggling a dozen or more projects that you know will never be made but don't have the heart to delete them? Ugh, I hate those moments...
:kaosigh: Why must you hurt me so?
my main character isn't the warrior of light or the chosen one, he's a self righteous, invasive try hard who gets ahead of himself and makes a critical error, resulting in a downward moral spiral that, eventually, leads him to truths that make him a better man, and im DAMN proud of that.

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