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  1. LTN Games | Free & Premium Plugins | In Dev: Illuminate (Lighting System)

    Ok I fixed it! go to page 1090 and replace the code with this for(var iCont=1; iCont<9; iCont++) { if ($ { $; } }
  2. LTN Games | Free & Premium Plugins | In Dev: Illuminate (Lighting System)

    @ZcheK I have the same issue, do you know if there is a fix?
  3. Iavra Gif

    Hello, I CAN't make this work. I loaded a gif made by myself, and the image provided here as a PNG stripped. I created a new project, with zero plugin dependency and it just doesn't work can someone please help me? I really need to load some animations to my game
  4. Show/Hide menu options with Yanflys Main Menu Manager

    I want to exactly this, but i do not know how to "did the trick". help please
  5. Menu Command Manager

    Hello, nice plugin, that is exactly what i needed. The problem is it blocks another menu I added by myself. (it was working) how do I add new commands (Quest by example)?

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Added a plugin to RMMV Plugin Releases with all relevant info but it looks like the topic wasn't approved for whatever reason. Cool.

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