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    Late introduction

    I'm also new here, looking forward to watching you growing and creating something really original! Wishing you all the best!
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    A symphonic poem composed by me

    sounds pretty amazing! well-done
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    Draw This Again!

    why are you so talented all? tell me guys, how can you be so talented?
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    How to gift RPG maker MV to a friend without steam?

    Guys, is this function available? I've already purchased my friend the other gift. To tell you the truth, I'm really bad at choosing suitable presents. My friends have already get used to it. Moreover, they usually say what they'd like to receive and it's far better than buying a present without...

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Just going to use stationary water for the randomized maps. Sure, particles would look cool... But this is about compromising and not spending countless hours making the perfect water particle for each set piece with water. :kaoswt:
Maybe I should get rid of the Banish ability in my game. It's a non-elemental spell that doesn't even appear in the magic chart. It's only there because my Elementalist doesn't use light or dark magic. It only effects summoned creatures.
I've been redoing all of the major areas in my game. starting with a place called Century Park. thankfully because all of the locations are distorted memories, I can make these places pretty abstract.

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