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    RMVXA EvilOverlord (being the bad guy) Demo available.

    Some issues with text, softlocks, crashes and npcs. Should be fixed with this issue.
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    Let's Play Requests

    Always love to have some feedback on this:
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    FleshToDust First Look Videos

    Would love to hear your opinion about my game:
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    RMVXA EvilOverlord (being the bad guy) Demo available.

    Uploaded the latest version of the game.
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    December 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    I'm really terrible when it comes to feature creep, always wanting to introduce some new elements to my game.
  6. Julien Brightside

    Playing/Critiquing Games Today

    If you could play my game it would be neat.
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    Let's play By Chibi

    I would like it if you played my game:
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    RMVXA EvilOverlord (being the bad guy) Demo available.

    Was made aware of some maps that could softlock you. this fixes that.
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    New Website Looking for Games to Review

    @Randor I would appreciate a review no matter what. Maybe it will encourage more people to play the game.
  10. Julien Brightside

    New Website Looking for Games to Review

    Would you be interested in a demo?
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    RM2k/3 ️Fields of Fire

    This looks like a lot of fun. I like this sort of 2d strategy thing you're doing.
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    RMVXA EvilOverlord (being the bad guy) Demo available.

    Version 0.8 It is playable as far as I know. I have tested it. Some bugs might appear though. The game is beginning to grow quite large and I'm beginning to lose track of everything. What's new: Some more quests, places to go. Attack a fortified city, enter the forest of fairys and attack the...
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    Fast Travel with encounters.

    They had a random encounter with fast travel in Baldurs gate. Killed my whole party. I was not happy.
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    Map diversity - yay or nay?

    Oh, idea: If you are in a place where the seasons change, you could have the same set of map, but with different visuals. For instance, a village on the edge of a northern forest could have a snowfall at the end of Autumn.
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    Leon Kennedy's 1.7mil views 1.8k subs let's plays

    Do the games have to be finished, or can you play a demo?

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