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  1. Removing an item causes an error

    You solved my problem alright and I understand what you mean about me going about it a bit backwards. I'm not really sure why I wrote it the way I did as it was a couple months ago. This is a part of a plug in I wrote which changes "Scene_Equip.prototype.onItemOk = function()" to make it so...
  2. Removing an item causes an error

    I believe the piece of code responsible is right here in my equip function and the problem is trying to read the id of the item if I remove it. I have classes changing with a particular item in a slot so when nothing is there it needs to revert back to the default class. var itemHolder =...
  3. Equip Comparison Upgrade - Changing Classes With Items I am trying to find where I would have to apply the class change to have that plugin evaluate the stats correctly including the ones from the class change. Currently equipping my items which change the class shows no changes even though the stats...
  4. How should I handle buying EXP from a shop?

    This is something I was wondering about. So far everything I have really worked on changing I have done by writing my own plugins. How much of a lag problem is there caused by using common events that run all the time? I am wanting the EXP shop to be accessible on all maps using an item so if...
  5. How should I handle buying EXP from a shop?

    I tried to just go into it with the shop handler and found that it wasn't able to do what I expected. The end result I wanted was to buy XP in the shop up to the amount you wanted. How I tried to handle it: 1. Create item which opens shop common event. 2. Shop is buy only and sells XP 3...
  6. Changing classes based on an item

    I found the problem appears to be related to the yanfly equip plugin I was using to make the equip menu look better. I will have to dive into that when I get the chance to find the cause. Thank you for your help.
  7. Changing classes based on an item

    This is still keeping their hp at max after the class change.
  8. Changing classes based on an item

    if([5] == null){ //default, true); } else{ if([5].id == 5){//hero, true); } if([5].id == 6){//warrior...
  9. Changing classes based on an item

    I am new to RPG Maker so I am still trying to get a handle on some things. I created an event with conditional branches which correctly changes classes based on the equipped item. I currently have that event being called in "rpg_scenes" on all equipment changes using...

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