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It was fun while it lasted, but guess it's time to say goodbye to my antidepresants. My body is immune to their good effects and only bad effects would remain.
Character in the game lore: An individual with exceptional skills.
Players: Slip through the cliff and die.
You know.. I... I kinda lost my interest in living a long time ago. What sustains me is a lack of interest in dying.
Like a star that is balanced between the forces of gravity and outward pressure, I feel like the energy to produce that outward pressure is weakening. I feel like I should pull a Stardew Valley and revert to a more primitive lifestyle, away from others. :(
made more sprite for the Time passing game that I may or may not actually make. At least now I have a better idea how to make Rtp Walk sprites actually look wrinkly and old, since the Generator doesn't do that.

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