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  1. Remove an actor before a battle and add it back after it

    I think you might be overthinking this. Simply make an event to add the party member after the battle (the same way you would when recruiting any other party member for the first time). Simple as that. You just need to make sure that the "initializing" feature is off, or the character will...
  2. Assets: Better to make your own?

    Not to derail the topic, but which blogger? Sounds like fun.
  3. Simplistic Map Design vs Poor Map Design

    I don't think any of those maps look bad, but there is a case to be made for the potentiality of monotony. Looking at them, I can barely tell them apart, and if I were colorblind, I would think that they're just different floors of the same dungeon. It's not the mapping itself that I have an...
  4. On Job Systems

    One thing you could do so as to not is make a quasi-job system that doesn't really affect the story. As in, have 2 or 3 basic types of characters (say, Warrior, Mage, and Rogue) and then split them off. So, for example: A Warrior-inclined character could never choose to be a Mage, but he...
  5. Assets: Better to make your own?

    I definitely use pre-made assets most of the time. They're a time-saver and better suited for my own personal purposes, which is to get better at eventing, pacing, and scripting. Sometimes I'll purchase an extra resource pack to get rid of the monotony that looking at the RTP for too long can do...
  6. Games that feature flat 2D art in a 3D world

    I could've sworn some sections of Undertale were done like that. Octopath Traveler also sort of does that, but it uses 3D assets for the environments and only the characters are 2D, so the art isn't really flat and often doesn't look it, even if the camera is not totally top-down. I can't...
  7. Tutorials! Yes or no?

    I find most tutorials in video games to be utterly useless, unless a game is doing something fairly novel (i.e. materia, sphere grid, class change system, etc.) I much prefer the old school style of NPCs giving you hints instead. I hate info-dumps of any kind, and that's how most tutorials in...
  8. Beter to use multiple maps or do everything on the one if possible?

    Perhaps one thing to consider is that the engine might become laggy if there are too many events going on in a single map. In that sense, using multiple copies might be better (plus this also has the aforementioned convenience of keeping events in order; if you isolate the fire-related events to...
  9. Things to avoid in your game

    @Tai_MT: I'm so sorry. I misspoke (sort of). By mentioning "free roaming," I specifically meant post-game free-roaming. Or, more specifically, a post-game at all. Of course, your feelings on the topic could remain the same even knowing this, but I still feel that I made a fundamental...
  10. Examples of Non-Experience based Level grinds?

    One game that comes to mind here is Chrono Cross, which ditched the traditional EXP system in favor of story milestones and bosses. Most common battles in CC would give you very small and random stat raises (i.e. maybe +1 to HP, +1 to ATK, or possibly even nothing). Or at least they seemed...
  11. How do you rationalize a limited party in battle?

    To be honest, I hate party limitations and I often have trouble rationalizing them for any game with less than 4 active fighters at a time (with exceptions like FFX, where party members can switch in mid-battle). FFVII is one of the worst offenders for me in that regard. Cloud is locked to...
  12. Things to avoid in your game

    A decent idea, but some players would scrutinize the decision to render certain endings non-canon outright, which is a whole other can of worms in itself, especially if you have a sequel in mind (not saying you do, mind you, just a thought). I remember back in -04 or thereabouts, in the Star...
  13. Things to avoid in your game

    1. POOR GRAMMAR/WRITING/SPELLING Poor writing and grammar are definitely up there for me. Whilst I can have some patience for people like me whose first language isn't English or whatever language their game uses, RPGs are so reading-intensive that anything less than grammatical perfection...
  14. Help w/ Nostalgia Pack on MV

    Hello. I recently purchased the Nostalgia Pack from Steam for my MV project. It's my first time using such a pack, so please forgive me if these questions seem silly. Mostly everything was working well as far as importing and setting up the tiles, battlers, window, sprites, etc. However, the...
  15. Can these stats/damages be achieved by default?

    Thank you. This is kind of what I was going for and that info helps a lot. My game would not have any de-buffs (I already have the spells mapped out). It is quite small in scale and the battle system is rather simplistic. The plugins seem as though they would make life simpler for me, will try...

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