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  1. RPG Maker Birthday Bash!

    That was my understanding, that it wasn't a competition, just a challenge. And anyone who finished by the deadline got a prize. However, it seems some people who finished didn't get a prize, thus the confusion.
  2. Lemuria (demo)

    Thanks for your support. :) I want to get back to working on this soon.
  3. 3D for 2D drawing. Need a help.

    I'm not sure what you think I said, but you just described makehuman almost exactly as I did. Blender is definitely a modeler and renderer as well.
  4. 3D for 2D drawing. Need a help.

    My understanding is that it creates models using "building blocks" and is neither a true modeler nor a poser/renderer like Daz Studio.
  5. Just what makes an RPG...An RPG?

    Actually, I think I confused Risk with an entirely different game. Maybe Stratego?
  6. Just what makes an RPG...An RPG?

    I have to agree. Without the randomness, you have a strategy game like Risk.
  7. Your favorite Music making software?

    There are people who use it as their DAW. These people are not well.
  8. Your favorite Music making software?

    What DAW uses musical notation? Musical notation is useful for reading and performing music, but it's the least efficient way to compose.
  9. Your favorite Music making software?

    FL Studio, hands down.
  10. Game with Classes and Skill Tree

    Well, yes. Obviously, because you have the example to cite.
  11. What's the WORST advice you can give as a game developer?

    Addendum: If it's something really obscure, it doesn't have to be accurate. Who is going to know?
  12. I'm never buying RPG Maker ever again.

    1. What, are you running it on an abacus? If your computer can't handle steam in the background, it can't handle modern games. Or even older ones. 2. Steam has privacy settings, so this is a non-issue. If you want to argue that Valve will sell your data or use it for their own advantage...
  13. I'm never buying RPG Maker ever again.

    I've never understood all the hate against Steam. Every single argument against it that's ever been posed has been either ignorance, misstating facts, or repeating lies that hackers used to tell about it (until they figured out how to defeat it, now they love it.) Steam is nothing more than a...
  14. Just what makes an RPG...An RPG?

    Well, there's a funny thing about genres: they are arbitrary labels strictly for the purpose of marketing. This is true for any medium. Now, I know someone is thinking "That's not true, I only like genre X, so genre must mean something." The publishers know you only like "genre X" so if they...
  15. Just what makes an RPG...An RPG?

    RPG has come to mean a wide range of things. The Fallout franchise is a perfect example of this, starting as a turn-based traditional RPG then becoming more of an FPS/RPG/Sandbox hybrid. In fact, there are few games these days that don't have some RPG features.

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I guess I should send my CV to Hasbro. I've made Monopoly cheaters edition more fun and challenging. I've developed custom cheats and chest/chance cards for it. And I've cleared many nightmares through my cards and rules.
I'm only missing 2 more bgms for my game but maaaaan, searching for these tracks is killing me. Can't find anything good to replace MZ's Theme 2 and Scene 5 I have as placeholders. Everything is too epic or too evil or too alarming. That 'scene 5' track in particular would fit nicely with my scene. Well, at least I finally figured what my last click-fest of a gameplay element will be like, so something positive :D
Finding new interesting stuff to make for the resource calendar becomes harder every year D:
FINALLY got the mood system in the game during battle. Since the game is called Panic Attack, I figured you should have certain moods present including Panic. so the main 3 or Hype, Depressed, and Anxious. Panic is only when stunned.

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