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    MV Trinity tileset passability projects (MV/MZ)

    No need. They added Trinity sample files to the DLC. I made this right after it dropped, before that was added :hswt:
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    Guildmaker7 walksprite templates

    GuildMaker7 Sprite templates An update to my MC4 templates from approximately 1 billion years ago. I heard "multiple tileset sizes" in that RM festival announcement and lost control of my senses. These are 7 chunky-styled sprites of various sizes for users who want a little more detail in...
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    RMMZ Romilli (pre-alpha demo available)

    Thanks so much!! I fell out of the groove with game dev, hoping to finish some assets before coming back to this one. Definitely high priority when I get back into games, easily my most thorough design doc
  4. K2loid

    Galv's Message Busts MZ

    I've been waiting for this!!!!! Thank you soooo much, it looks great and I'm glad it only needs inconsequential user-end tweaks to work with VS plugins. It's always a hassle trying to get different plugins to work together.
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    RMMZ Romilli (pre-alpha demo available)

    Romilli SYNOPSIS A century ago, the Sarymos family was the most powerful noble family in the kingdom of Lunosa, skilled in magic, politics, and combat. Now, the last of the family still sworn to serve them is intent on guiding the Sarymos’ last heir to take to her rightful place...after she's...
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    TY for the definitive stance, uncertainty just causes a fatal glitch in my brain. If its 100% staying this way, then that's hugely reassuring. Strong opinions aside, my priority was sadly just "but what if its different laterrr :'^(" As for a full collection...I feel like there'll be such a...
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    That's what I just said is the exact problem; in order for me to pose with bubbles, I must first turn off the bubble posing feature. That is an absurd conflict to have in a resource pack for general use. A feature having limitations is okay, & prioritizing what you're making for your games isn't...
  8. K2loid

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Are there any plans on splitting movement & static spritesheets for movement core? I don't know about the resources required, but to reiterate 1) There's a hard limit on the actual utility of the bubbles because they force down-facing poses -- I cannot conceive of a use for frames that are...
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    Galv's Cam Control MZ

    Thank you so much, your plugin was sooo useful in MV, and I was looking forward to a port!
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    [IMG] about to make my THIRD sideview battler set in a row which is also my 4th because I have...

    about to make my THIRD sideview battler set in a row which is also my 4th because I have to pose it for both 2003 & MV/MZ someone PLEASE take me out
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    No rush, & I'm willing to pay for any big non-essential additions. They're essential to me, in my heart of hearts, and worth the money spent. You all have made so many wonderful plugins that "waiting" for a favourite just means eating good with old essential standbys. EDIT: Not sure if this...
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    Poor graphics quality.

    Yeah, I don't agree with more than half of OP's complaints, but a most of them just have straight up errors. Reid's head being set sliiightly too far to the left, the recurring weird hunched tilt (from the heads being drawn at an angle but the bodies standing upright), all those women with legs...
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    RMMZ RPG Maker MZ is now AVAILABLE!

    Good call! I was just shocked.
  14. K2loid

    Bug [Suggestion/Bug] Generator mask drawn improperly

    The generator eye mask is drawn over the entire eye, rather than just the iris. This is all but invisible on light & desaturated eye colours, but with dark, rich gradients............. The results speak for themselves. It's easy for me to fix this, but might be flustering for beginners who...
  15. K2loid

    RMMZ RPG Maker MZ is now AVAILABLE!

    Why do the character generator masks look like this. The eye colour mask is drawn all over the eyewhites. I don't want to be generator assigned pothead

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