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  1. issues with android performance

    Thank you! I Couldn't resolve at all, i deleted the file then placed another and it worked, i have android 4.4 and can run the game perfectly but some sound files seems that can't be supported as you said.
  2. MBS - Mobile DirPad & Action Button

    Great job! I have several troubles trying to move to the right, i don't know why, but if i press the right button it will barely answer, on the other hand the other buttons works great.
  3. Request: Beat'em up "Walk Style"

    i'm also looking for this, remember that the characters actually use the standing position as a movement and it will look odd in a beat em up style game for walking, i hope somebody resolve to use a standing animation or frame when the character is standing
  4. issues with android performance

    has somebody managed to solve the "failed to load: audio/se/cursor2.m4a" error? because i also made a basic game with almost no changes and 4 events, it worked fine but since that error in the phone every rpg maker game i instal give that error

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