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  • I'm currently started to make a open world RPG game. Actually i started 2 weeks ago and probably development process will take over 2.5 years. Main focus will be on quests and combat gameplay. I'm alone in this project but probably i'm going to get help from some freelancers for musics and some character designs.
    Wish me luck :)
    Good advice....That I totally don't follow xD

    I'm kind of opposite, If I can't make my game look the way I want. I don't want to bother with all the database work.
    @Willibab I understand the sentiment. I had to rewire my thinking on it. The reason I often recommend "Do the Database work before everything else" is because once it's done... actually creating your game goes very fast and you don't have to ever mess with the Database again. You don't need to ever open it again, since all your items/spells/equipment/characters/troops/etcetera are done.
    @Tai_MT Yeah I'm totally working on database part now. I'm deeply focused on gameplay part, story, high quality side quests and items etc. By the way I'm studying computer engineering at university that means I'm also learning Javascript for my game. Later on, I will concentrate on the art side.
    Thank you all for your recommendations.
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Im watching Depp vs Heard and keep thinking: "Wouldnt it be fun if her middle name was Lisa? Then she'd be Amber L. Heard. Sounds like Amber Alert."

Then I found out her middle name is Laura.
Yeaah, pallarax mapping

working on the house you explore in the beginning of my game. it's the first major area... part exploration, part battles. just need to script events and setup the on screen enemies.
I'm having way too much fun with these character designs

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