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  • Is there a way to turn off the forum animations ? Really don't like waiting so long for pages to finish loading all the content
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    I hope so, they are kinda pointless and sometimes they just stuck.
    I wonder what improvements have been made to the plugin system in MZ. Looking forward to writing plugins for it.
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    Yes! Another plugin maker :)
    I'm in the same boat too. I mean, if they still use JS for it ^^''
    In 1665, the University of Cambridge temporarily closed due to the bubonic plague.

    So Isaac Newton was forced to work from home. He wasn't able to return for 2 years. During that time, he invented Calculus and the theory of gravity. What are you doing with your time home?

    Finish your game!
    Making progress on the pathfinding plugin:


    That's a 1000x1000 grid (i.e. a map with 1 million tiles), finding a walkable path in ~1ms. Still have lots more testing to do with more complicated maps, but I'd say that's a pretty good start :kaopride:
    Working on a pathfinding plugin built specifically for pixel movement. It's...a bit tricky to write, but it will be so much better than the default A*
    After an entire day of fiddling with MV, PIXI, TexturePacker, Crunch and Powershell, I finally managed to get DXT textures loading in RPG Maker. They work in both .DDS (uncompressed) and .CRN (crunch compression) formats.

    Only downside is crunch compression is lossy, so pixel art spritesheets don't look as nice, while .DDS looks perfect but the file size is quite a bit more than optimized PNGs.
    This game is over 20 years old but is still my go-to reference point for dark fantasy atmosphere
    Also interesting to think about: the graphics and general gameplay are well within what can be done with something like RM, and weren't particularly impressive even then.

    But the incredible writing and voice acting (and the sound effects & music, to a lesser extent) have a way of drawing you in in ways very few games can, especially from that era.
    It's amazing how much having the right "atmosphere" changes how you experience a game.
    The Stranger
    Blood Omen. <3 I love this game so much. I also love the second one, even if it is more linear than the first.
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"This will be the game I actually finish!" Every dang time.
I now officially hate moustaches.
I have a couple of NPCs who are important enough to need faces. I have learned that I can't really do moustaches, & now wish I'd never started this.
A sad day for me. A monitor that served me loyally for more than 5 years is getting replaced. It's begun to throw very large sparks.
experimenting with outlines in GIMP. found out it's EXTREMELY easy to do actually.

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