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  • I understand why MV will be using JavaScript over Ruby... buy Gosh Darn I am going to miss Ruby :(
    Coding a game in pHp...almost as bad as coding a game in powerpoint.
    Kai Monkey
    Kai Monkey
    The most alarming thing here is I have made (admittedly tiny) games in both PHP and powerpoint!
    I made games in PowerPoint too :)

    Actually looking forward to having JS; Ruby has a wonderful syntax but it's not designed for audiovisuals and RGSS has some limitations that JS won't.
    Considering offering Skype-based Scripting lessons when I open my Script shop; do you reckon they'd be any interest in that?
    Atlas Rose
    Atlas Rose
    That would be cool :)

    Depends on the fees and what we would need to know already to make the class useful. Is this a good lessons if you can't program?
    Kai Monkey
    Kai Monkey
    My thought was I would point to some online lessons for the basics of procedural and object-oriented programming, and offer lessons to anyone who has completed those. Fee's would be fluid, and would certainly be cheaper when I am still seeing if it works. What would you see as reasonable prices?
    Which forum should I post in to trade Scripting work for Mapping work?
    Project Recruitment has a Trade tag, so I think there would be the best.
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Add fog of war
Add enemy indicators
Make window draggable
Optimise map drawing algorithm (5 seconds to load the map you see, so it's a... poo-poo algorithm)

Any suggestions? :kaoblush:
bleh studio hell job haha at least they like it didnt had time to do much laundry tho ;w;'....YES I DO AT LEAST TAKE A SHOWER everyday!
--- Food Ingredients ---

Hero: Since the Chef are in Hospital,we can't eat his Dish in 3 Days.
F.Mage: What we have to Eat?
M.Healer: Don't worry,we can Eat the Food Ingredients.
Hero & F.Mage
: Really?

(3 Days Later)

Chef: Hi,Guys. I'm Ba---
(Entire Party Collapse After Eat Raw Meat)
Chef: Wha...WHAT GOING ON HERE!!!!!!
So, I've been thinking about all the complaints about the chibi sprites. Is the problem that they're chibi or that they don't match the character art? If I did a series of chibi/SD character art, would people be interested?
Converting a timer plugin from MV to MZ. Now I really start to fell how awesome the new plugin commands are. This really helps create plugin easier than before!

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