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  • I wonder why there's not a lot of games that feature female protagonist who are into weird occult stuff with creepy undertone that is not horror.... Yes I've been watching too much Peek-a-boo from Red Velvet...
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Not entirely sure. I mean, it's not as if occultists are mostly female, not even historically. I guess there's a certain sexiness to the whole bad girl, slightly crazy, character. Could also just be because gothy witches are a cool trope (or would it be a stereotype?), kinda like elderly wizards.
    I've known at least one female who wants to be a witch while being cool about it so I can relate
    I really like how in ff7r, you push a button on the first tier magic to go to higher tier on the menu.
    Hmm.. I haven't seen this feature yet. Is there a newer video that shows that? Or did I miss something from previous video...?
    here. It's in jp tho. at 3:02, aerith goes into her spell menu and the final spell, "cure 4MP" become "cura 9MP."
    Cool! Guess I didn't notice before because of the Japanese

    Can't wait for this game!
    watching oninaki gameplay makes me wanna think of making a more dynamic gameplay for turn-based rpg
    oh right... how sometimes I forgot I could just make dummies to test my theory in a new clean project.
    in default battle system, does turn order get update when I buff agi?
    This is not a status update sort of question, please post in the appropriate section for whichever engine you're using.
    It'd actually be funny if a char can get a full meter."Don't shove more item to my mouth. I'm already full!"
    It would actually be pretty cool if a character gets drunk af if you let him sip too many healing potions.
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A wee radio thing I made months and months and months ago. 2020 has felt like such a long year. Maybe made this before 2020.IDK anymore.

Made this one much more recently.
Stream will be live shortly with a surprise session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
MZ life hack of the day: using unnecessary sparams (MP cost and Floor damage) for custom stats for Visustella’s core engine.

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