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    Ideas for melee healer?

    Wow, that's such a strange setup for a character, having a scythe user for a support class. Bubble and scythe make me think of using the scythe to pop or cut the bubble and then it explode into something, lol. Or maybe, the scythe also double as a giant bubble blower. I'm thinking of Bubble...
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    Writers block on these character classes. Any ideas to make them all viable?

    Time Mage is one of the job that I feel have many interesting concept to play with. One concept I thought of back in the days was manipulating HoT and DoTs. Like, the Time Mage can compress time to make a HoT into one burst heal, and DoT into a nuke. Or like one post above stated with the...
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    Neutral Element- How to Present It?

    Neutral...... I'm thinking of things like...... Neutral element is stronger against all elements, but do normal damage to itself, so the best way to fight neutral is to also be neutral. Another idea is that maybe Neutral is more defensive as it "stabilize" element. Like, healing, or defend...
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    Any Ideas for Dungeon Puzzles Designed Around a Psychological Theme?

    Hmm, don't know why I think of things like that movie "Saw" that involves pain and dilemma. Or things like destroying oneself to gain their ideal self. Things that might sound weird might be something like a body switching game. Like, you have a robot that need to pass the criteria and you have...
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    One thing those jp developer still get wrong about boob physic is that... men's muscly hard pecs...

    One thing those jp developer still get wrong about boob physic is that... men's muscly hard pecs can jiggle too.
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    Complexity Rating for Moves

    Not sure I understand the purpose of including this "Complexity" mechanic, and what kind of gameplay experience you're aiming for with this but I'll humor you with my thought. I don't think you have to make it just success or fail type of thing if you're afraid of it being nuisance. You can...
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    finally add profile pic after staying faceless for so long, lol

    finally add profile pic after staying faceless for so long, lol
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    "Overheating" Mechanics

    I think another fun thing with Overheat and turn-based is the idea of a build-in heat-reducing capacity. What I meant is that, it might be possible for Heat meter to go down naturally before it can Overheat at the end of each turn in a "regen phase" (you know, those phase where states/buffs turn...
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    Oopps it broke!

    I feel like weapon durability works better in action setting. Breath of the Wild is probably the perfect gam e for that. Its combat is simple enough to make you not care too much about what weapon you're using and it adds to the "survival" feeling of the game. In a more serious, in-depth, or...
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    Tanking without Aggro?

    I can definitely see now why the concept of Paladin/Holy Knight was established quite early on, lol. Hmm, the softer indirect aggro things such as covering or dispersing damage is something to consider too whether we can call that 'aggro' or not. But yeah, for purpose of the discussion, I think...
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    Tanking without Aggro?

    As we all know, the defining attribute of a Tank class is their survivability--able to withstand attacks. This attribute play big part in a game with Aggro management. However, what does this "survivability" do in a game without Aggro management? How does being able to withstand/absorb big...
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    Dating sim and JRPG

    I've played such jrpg once and it's one of my favourite game, storywise. It's a trilogy called Ar Tonelico. Most of the gameplay are quite easy jrpg with no challenge whatsoever, but the dating sim aspect is tied to your heroines/waifus' skill tree. Basically, to unlock your waifus' new skills...
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    Damage formulae and alternative stats

    But wouldn't that make people who have less Martial stat have a harder time doing damage to a higher Martial stat? Imagine you have a character who has high Martial stat of 5 (let's just say everybody else has less than 5) up against an enemy with a higher Martial stat like 8. Out of all 70...
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    Making Item-user Class more interesting and fun to play?

    The Item-user or Item-related class is not popular for reason that clash hard with a certain player usual psychology: Item spending vs. Item hoarding. It's not really a satisfying class to use. What ways do you think could make this Item-specialist class more fun to play as? FF styles' "Mix"...
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    How to start your story?

    I never reach that state to decide how to set the mood and tone for my story at the start, lol. I'm on a team of starting it off directly in a tutorial dungeon with a few simple dialogues of what the characters are doing there. If that's still not enough, I'd opt for adding some visual...

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