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    November Goals and Progress Thread

    Progress: Removed a lot of cumbersome qualities in my game, started over, and I'm making something more suitable to my skill level and also a bit easier and (hopefully) more fun. Goals: Get a playable portion finished by the end of the month.
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    I think so, too!

    I think so, too!
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    I'm starting over my game... again o-o

    I'm starting over my game... again o-o
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    Balloon icons (or an equivalent) in battle

    I am working on a system where certain skills raise certain stats of the user on usage - is there any way to display this stat increase in battle without displaying a message? I would greatly appreciate a script for this.
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    FREE Looking for a mapper to make whatever they want for my strategy game

    Intro: Hi everyone. Long story short, I hate mapping. And I'm pretty average to bad at it. What I'm good at is gameplay mechanics, like battle systems and skills and classes and all that (and I'm good at music). So I am in search of someone (or multiple someones) to make decent maps for our...
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    I would like a plugin that makes Evasion show up as a base parameter

    Not really - I just used a Yanfly plugin to make Luck effect Evasion, and I just renamed Luck "Evasiveness." Not the best solution, but whatever.
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    I'm looking for opinions/advice on which of these damage formulas to use.

    Thanks so much for explaining! I understand now. My battles do synergize well with my formulae - and I've done a lot of testing and all that. But I do see the value of your formulae, too.
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    I'm looking for opinions/advice on which of these damage formulas to use.

    No :\ In this context, I don't know exactly what you mean by "standardize" and "value," so I'm confused.
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    I'm looking for opinions/advice on which of these damage formulas to use.

    o-o why are such complex formulas (I want to write "formulae" for some reason) necessary? My "standard" damage formula is a.atk * 7 - b.def * 2 (same for standard magic attack but with mat and mdf). And I'm just purely curious.
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    Negative stigma around RTP

    Really? o-o Because I actually like them a lot... :|
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    Negative stigma around RTP

    I've only been in this community for under a month, and I notice the preference for non-RTP resources. I get it, but it's also kind of shitty. I used to be pursuing music as a career, and the video game industry seems to be nearly as competitive (good thing I only make v games for fun/myself). I...
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    Maximum Battle Members

    My current game has a party of 8, and all 8 of them can participate in battle at once. :| But I looooooove it like that!
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    How should I react to this?

    They should not have reacted the way they did. And like, they're at fault no matter how bad of a time they are having - it doesn't mean they're a bad person in general, but they are responsible for their actions. If you want them to be reprimanded, message the other mods directly. Don't...

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