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  1. MBS - FPLE MV

    Hi, would you add support for transparent PNGs? This could be an alternative to visible events.
  2. Is everything ok? You haven't posted much recently. A lot of people are waiting for news on...

    Is everything ok? You haven't posted much recently. A lot of people are waiting for news on FPLE MV since February.
  3. MBS - FPLE MV

    I can understand why Laurent wants an update in such a hurry. We've been waiting for anything new since Feb. Kinda feels like MBS has vanished from here.
  4. MBS - FPLE MV

    That's because they are disabled in the demo. The new demo works pretty well, but there are a few things: - Some wall textures are rotated randomly in some walls (example: the wall bricks are in a vertical orientation instead of horizontal). Is there a certain way to set up the walls or is...
  5. MBS - FPLE MV

    Hi, I saw this plugin in another forum and it's pretty nice! Currently it seems it doesn't work with battles. The game crashes as soon the battle transition tries to play (and this happens in the demo too, so it isn't an issue with another plugins*). I hope this gets fixed eventually :)...
  6. Instant Turn Battle System

    Thank you, it's working perfectly now (at least for all the things I've tested so far)!
  7. Instant Turn Battle System

    I was worried with the "sideview-only" part, but it works with MogHunter's Battle HUD. Except the animation is mirrored on the actors. (See the attached image. the animation is over the 3rd party member, but mirrored.)
  8. Instant Turn Battle System

    Oh, this seems similar to the Persona games (fitting, since you have Naoto as your profile pic). One question though: Is there a way to notify the player with a picture when they get an extra action? Like in Persona 3/4, when "1 More" appears when you hit the enemy with their weaknesses?

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