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    You guys make MZ that much more exciting; thank you.
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    Another two plugins done! One being an on map grid inventory.
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    @KakonComp @Eliaquim thanks for replying it... Yes, I hate this kind of feeling it the most stressful ever I have being this year.
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    I am at the moment, or I was yesterday. While you distance yourself from your projects, eventually you'll want to work on something...
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    This days I couldn't do anything... My mind is so confused and I couldn't work at all, I only wanted to play video games with my friends...
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    Today I had a little happy flashback to when my grandpa and I played doctor in his living room. We were visiting him in Tampa. I was...
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    During one remote lesson I needed something to have my hands busy so my brain could focus and now there is a MZ bust of the best boy...
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    The Redragon Impact M908 has its own numpad on the side (with 12 buttons) and it's under 40 bucks. You could game with just the mouse...
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    I stumbled upon 2 articles about why time goes faster as we age, and how to "slow down time". Check them out, very interesting read. :D...
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    And then I figured out a way to doing a "regular animation" that's affected by PIXI particles. So now each frame of the animation gets...
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    it took soooo long to get character assist to work right in my game. like certain fighting games, a team mate can hop in, do an attack...
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    Dont own MZ so I wont be joining.... So if anyone needs some ideas for a game (i got those a plenty lol) xD Anyway, good luck to...
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    Above all you do NOT want to experience the Japanese 'justice' system. I've heard horror stories about it. But Japanese people are cool...
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    @KakonComp Agreed. Too many earthquakes! It's interesting to visit, but I'd never want to have earthquakes almost all the time. Plus the...

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I'm a bit conflicted. One the one hand, it's quite visually cool to make bodies of water that the player can interact with by going into it. However obscuring the player character from a gameplay perspective is pretty bad. Hmm... There's the option to make the area around the player visible, but then that kind of defeats the purpose of submerging them. :unsure:
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Another two plugins done! One being an on map grid inventory.
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