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  1. Having an error coming up.

    heres the error that happens now after changing around my plugins. (this happens when i playtest a battle in rpg maker mv. here are my plugins. does anyone know which plugin is interfering and how to fix it? EDIT: I turned off the goldwindow plugin by SRD, it seems to have fixed the issue, but...
  2. Having an error coming up.

    yes, the website changed quite a lot though, so i haven't been able to find it yet.
  3. Quick and easy way to tell if a music file is looped?

    go to event commands, then click under flow control on loop, put ur soundtrack inside loop and repeat above, and make the event trigger a parallel process. should work fine, once u enter the map its in itll start playing ur song, but make sure u phase out the song when ur character goes into a...
  4. Quick and easy way to tell if a music file is looped?

    you can just loop them all through events?
  5. Looking for Templates for RPG Maker MV

    Yes, im looking for a blank file with the correct size basically :p
  6. Looking for Templates for RPG Maker MV

    I've been trying to get some custom sprites made. 32x32 but i don't have a template with a transparent background, id' also love a full sheet if possible. does anyone know where to find/how to make one? so that itll fit in nicely with the software right away. I'm having other artists make me...
  7. Having an error coming up.

    yep no worries, i only plan on launching it on windows, mac and linux so thats fine :) would you be able to let me know what yanfly order i should use? heres the first part and second part.
  8. Having an error coming up.

    I fixed the issue! It was due to the options plugin i was using, so i moved over to yanfly's option plugin instead :)
  9. Better Gamepad Support

    I tried using the gamepad plugin with yanfly's option core but it doesn't show up like the keyboard one does. anyone know if theres a newer version than v1.01 ?
  10. Having an error coming up.

    here's what happens when i open the options right after starting a playtest. heres a gif of my plugins.
  11. Having an error coming up.

    typeerror cannot read property displayname of null anyone know how to fix this error? i'm guessing it has to do with one of my plugins. it only happens when i click options from the main menu, but the options work fine while in-game. i appreciate any help!
  12. Placing object anywhere.

    Yes, its a storage container. :) it can keep up to 999 items in it. with stacked items like potions, ores or wood etc going up to 999 as well. stuff like weapons (which have different stats and such) will take one space each, and won't stack. I used yanfly's itemcore to limit the items, weapons...
  13. Placing object anywhere.

    This would be a bit easier with pictures, hehe sorry. i'm a bit bad at figuring it all out. not used to scripts and location commands. EDIT: i just figured i could make it way easier by simply opening up the bank window once, and making the cost that the item disappears, with no pick up...
  14. Placing object anywhere.

    one object is summoned at once, if its not picked up itll stay there until the player picks it up. to summon it its an item in the inventory. ill post pics of all i have right now. edit: i also made a second event in case it works better:
  15. Placing object anywhere.

    i tried clone events, but when i copy paste em into other maps it doesn't work. and i want the player to be able to put it down on the player, so i don't want set areas where its placed on a map.

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