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  • When you miss someone and it hurts a lot
    starlight dream
    starlight dream
    @kalilachan @Guiguimu Hugs.
    Each person's experience is different. Proverbs are nice but can't be applied across the board.
    Guiguimu you went through this difficulty at a young age. Mourning can't be dealt with the same way by a child, a teenager, or a 50 year-old.
    And like you said, there is space left behind, a personal space within you.
    starlight dream
    starlight dream
    Instead of time healing the pain I wish that the space will be filled with light and growing strength of her eternal love for you.
    The relationship with the one who has gone, continues because they remain in our thoughts and actions. A physical separation doesn't stop the relationship from growing and it doesn't erase the person's presence from our life.
    All the best.
    @starlight dream thank you for those words, they brought a little bit of light into that empty space... I appreciate them and I'll always keep them with me. Thank you very much and I wish you the best as well ^^
    I'm so stupid, weak and worthless.. I hate myself so much right now.
    Just breath... and count to five. Then breath again... Whatever you are experiencing right now, I´m sure that tomorrow or maybe an hour from now, won´t be as bad as it looks right now...for sure! <3
    Looks like I got a lot to learn when it comes to make games. Plus with my learning disabilties it'll take me even longer.:kaoeh::kaosigh:
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