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    MV - Nun and Priest Face Generator Parts

    Resource Type: Generator Parts Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: We received nun and priest generator parts as part of the MV freebie stuff a while ago, however some of those parts did not get the face part of the set, namely People 2-2 and 2-7. There are other missing face...
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    Summoning or Hide/Unhide Actors During Combat

    Greetings! I am currently working on a game with two main characters that have the ability to summon a guardian or familiar during combat to aid them. However only one character can have their guardian out at a time and would last for the duration of the fight and can't unsummon it. My problem...
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    Shop Manager

    Thanks for the reply. Ah, I see. Now I know instead of banging my head on a wall, heh. Thanks again for the wonderful scripts.
  4. Kalwin

    Shop Manager

    Hello Tsukihime, I was wondering, if two different shops can exist in the same Event using this script? I am using this with Bubble's Crafting Script and your add-on, using YanFly's Shop Options script. I created a event "Woodsman" who is able to sell wood to the player, but also is a...

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I remade/fixed my Elf XP Mack Templates. The Ears are looking better now.
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You can check them out, they are in 12 recolours, both Human and Elf Versions!
College is hitting me a lil' softer than I expected, so I'm back on MV!
And to kick things off, here's a lil' test of a tileset edit I made today! (Took me, like, 5 hours, considering this was the first time I've EVER used GraphicsGale...)Edit test SUCCESS.PNG
I don't know when I'll have time to finish this, so I'll post this mostly complete version now. Another major character of my project, his name is Red (at least until I can think up a better R-name). In case he looks familiar, it's because his design (and personality) is based directly from my favorite anime character of all time (who is, unfortunately, fairly obscure).

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