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    What even IS Death Stranding?

    Death Stranding is the friends we made along the way <3
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    Go with the flow and leave file security in the whims of fate?

    Go with the flow and leave file security in the whims of fate?
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    Am not so grump!

    Am not so grump!
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    Spriter Plugin

    I see. The whole point of the plugin is to make frame limitations obsolete. Each animation is as many frames as you make it out to be in Spriter. For example, the typical walk animation I use for my characters are between 200-400 frames.
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    Spriter Plugin

    No, sorry, you need to create a spriter save file to run the animation. I am not sure what you mean by frames.
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    Spriter Plugin

    Hello, @snakehong! The overworld version of spriter plugin should work fine.
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    Spriter Plugin

    Doesn't seem that hard to make. I have already experimented with animated multidepth parallax backgrounds. Pictures should be way easier. EDIT: But to be frank, it's not a priority right now and it does require some amount of work.
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    Spriter Plugin

    I am not sure if it's in on the current online version, but you can create script calls within the tags. Actually, let me upload core spriter real quick. You need a tag like this: script<console.log("Hello world")> where you enter your script line within the angle brackets. The tag should...
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    Spriter Plugin

    I would like to thank everyone for their patience and apologize for my long absence, I have to juggle several things at the same time. This isn't Spriter Battle Addon yet, but here is yet another teaser with some of the results:
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    Spriter Plugin

    I will help you as soon as possible. Expect a PM!
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    Spriter Plugin

    Thank you for waiting. The plugins and the demos are done. Ι would just like some time to make a number of animations for the actors and some enemies in order to allow for some testing and experimentation from the user!
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    Mods, call the FBI.

    Mods, call the FBI.
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    Cooking pasta.

    Cooking pasta.
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    Hello from France !

    Hooray! Our French population is now at 2! Welcome!

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