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    Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    Sorry I'm a bit newbie with so many quest systems. So I thought I just ask. Why would you recommend this over Vlue's Quest System for example outside of having an Editor for it? Also is there any addons for this mainly to allow us to add or remove a small quest status window while in game to...
  2. Kane Hart

    I'm fat so my mother got me a Camera for my Birthday! - So lets Talk Cameras!

    So long story short my mother wanted to get me something that I would use a bit more to explore the outdoors rather then the indoors. I sadly don't live in the country or somewhere I can access ATV trails and fun recreational places and have no Car mainly due to how insane Insurance is and I...
  3. Kane Hart

    Animated busts and picture based animations.

    So I clearly misunderstood Busts. But either way this looks great. Thank you.
  4. Kane Hart

    RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 Update!

    This is great I hope RPG Maker MV keeps evolving overtime. Starting to turn out to be a great Little Engine that could :)
  5. Kane Hart

    Nelderson's Online Core

    Thanks, Yeah it does make sense and I do understand that. Was hoping there was a way to do it so was sort like Freelancer (The Game) they just had a local hash they created and sycned with the server. People could not really hack this because other clients could not grab it. Would be the same...
  6. Kane Hart

    Zelda Style Map Transitions

    If you had an issue it might be best to post what it was and the solution for others to figure it out as well.
  7. Kane Hart

    Game Version Display Plugin

    Thanks mate that did the trick. My changes: var x = Graphics.width - 100; var y = Graphics.height - 50; var maxWidth = Graphics.width / 18; Screenshot:
  8. Kane Hart

    Nelderson's Online Core

    Holy crap someone is finally doing this. I hope you keep working on this till the end of time. Having kids/work and a life come first. But I hope you don't in the end burn out like 99% of everyone else who ended up diving into Online Anything for MV. When it comes to MP Anything I'm always...
  9. Kane Hart

    Hot Seat PVP Plug In Request Chain

    User stated they stopped using the forums due to moderation issues. I doubt will see updates here sadly. Too bad because this the site I go for info.
  10. Kane Hart

    SRD Character Creator

    Holy this is amazing. I'm going to have to give this a try. Any chance of adding a Name Changing Addon right into the menu? it seems quite fitting for this for those who want to allow the player to change their actors name.
  11. Kane Hart

    Game Version Display Plugin

    Sadly was not compatible for me using YEP_CoreEngine and Just VersionDisplay. But great idea either way this kind of stuff I normally like to add. Maybe can allow the user to also add more lines to it like Game Title Alpha Version 1.0.0 and etc.
  12. Kane Hart

    Map Generator

    This is really cool I am booking this page :)
  13. Kane Hart

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Sadly this developer is MIA. Hopefully someone else can post upgrade here for us to use.
  14. Kane Hart

    OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    Hey Hudell! been a million years. Not sure if I will ever publish let alone publish on steam but I'm for sure checking this out when I do :)
  15. Kane Hart

    My Life is some what stable and starting to work on RPG Maker MV Again :) It's like Christmas...

    My Life is some what stable and starting to work on RPG Maker MV Again :) It's like Christmas with all the new Updates Including Pixi <3

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