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    RMMV Night of the Living Harolds

    Hi big brother! Really enjoyed playing this game, the dialogues are funny and the gameplay is unique. Well done!:kaohi:
  2. Kanki

    RMMV "Al Dente" Cooking Contest

    I'm glad you like it, big brother! I had a lot of fun making it! And thanks for the compliments!
  3. Kanki

    RMMV "Al Dente" Cooking Contest

    I made a fanart for the game!
  4. Kanki

    RMMV "Al Dente" Cooking Contest

    I just found out something cool, the public reacts differently for every round if Harold appears as a judge, that's hilarious. :guffaw:
  5. Kanki


    Thank you!Maybe $1,000,000 is too much :kaoswt:
  6. Kanki

    RMMV "Al Dente" Cooking Contest

    Short and funny game,i really liked it.I hope there's gonna be a new one soon!
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    Hi all! My name's Kanki, I'm Dalph's sister and I'm 13 years old. My hobbies are: Drawing, Anime, Manga and Videogames. I also enjoy learning languages,and i'd like to try learning how to make games and share them with everyone. I hope i can make new friends here!

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