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  • Due to my plans for the future, I have decided to cut The Runaway shorter than expected and focus on my MMBM fan game, and work on my RPG that was my first gae project. These 2 projects will be recieving a bulk of work as they are the projects I have been most interested in. So just know when its released, The Runaway will either be a short cool game, or a trainwreck where the 10/10 is uninstall, xD
    Anywhere from this weekend to the end of this month, you can expect a new release from me. "The Runaway" will be a decision making game where even paths you take are important. It is my first game and I hope I get some good feedback. It also will try to get in your head through moral decisions. Look forward to it! ^-^
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Trading has been halted on the TSX (Canadian stock market) because of "technical issues". Suspicious... I'm bracing myself for a sea of red tomorrow lol
The Loco-Motion song pre-dates the dance. Meaning the lyrics are kinda misleading. "Everybody's doing a brand new dance now"... No they weren't, you just used peer pressure to trick everyone into going along with it.
Love it when someone confuses "RPG Maker (or script/plugin) has a bug" with "I didn't set it up right and it's not working as I want (or gives an error)"
Is animation really as hard as I think it is?
Out of sudden, snow. Everywhere.

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