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  1. Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Thanks for the note I will try to avoid these mistakes in the future
  2. Game & Map Screenshots 11

    My last map
  3. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Some screen from my ruin map
  4. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Some screen from my village map
  5. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    some screen from my forest map
  6. Game & Map Screenshots 10

    hello , this is my first post here, I hope you like it the base

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So ms store had an idea to nuke the the entire app when the file integrity is slightly broken.
Im on another months long scripting high. I wonder if I can go SSJS3?

Version Fille in english is now complete!
Download the game on
Talk about it here:

Enjoy and share!
3am me was like.... Hey buddy, what if I told you, where we're going we don't need events? :LZSwink:
5pm me is like.... Was 3am me onto something? No! Must work on actual gameplay! Rabbit hole bad! :kaoback:
I'm thinking of having a scavenger-based way to learn advanced skills in my first game, and use the work I did for figuring out a skill grid/maze instead for an optional dungeon in the game.

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