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Sometimes its scary to have this ability to "tune out" the world. Like... if I get 100% invested in something I'm doing, I can go like 24 hours without eating or even feeling pain. But, the moment I disengage from the activity... the stuff hits me again. It's subtly terrifying.
Is there anyone here who had a very hard video game they took years to beat as a kid? When I was ten in 2004 I got a Game Boy Advance for my birthday and that same year I got a game of "Stuart Little 2" for Game Boy Advance from my parents. That game was so hard that I literally couldn't finally beat it until years later when I was in my mid-teens! XD
Kokoro reflections is huge, why have I never seen a game made with it...
Y’all. We had to cancel our 100 fl oz mimosa tower challenge. I’m bummed.
Finished Jedi: Survivor yesterday. Pretty good game (I'll consider it great when fully patched), and Cal has become one of my favorite Jedi Knights.

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