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    Another Dual Wield Request

    Unfortunately it doesn't work any longer. Get an error screen soon as I hit "attack". Thanks though.
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    Maliki's Dual Wield ver 2.3c

    Found another conflict that required moving this up higher on the list. Needs to be above YEP_ShopMenuCore for the shop menu to work properly.
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    [solved] YEP Shop Menu Core Comparison Window

    I have been following Yanfly's list, but where other scripts go seems to be an issue sometimes. Figured out it was MalDualWield script (somehow) that caused the issue. Moving it higher up on the plugin list fixed the problem. Don't know if it's going to cause other problems yet, but this one is...
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    [solved] YEP Shop Menu Core Comparison Window

    Not showing all party members in the comparison window, and layout of stats on individual character comparison doesn't look like Yanfly's example. I have VE engine in, but even if I turn that off it doesn't change anything. I do have the latest version (1.05). Help? Yanfly's Video (for...
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    SFonts Resources?

    How do you even make sfonts? I'm having difficulties. I'm also surprised there isn't just sfont png resources (or if there is I'm not finding them).
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    VE - Command Replace

    @Victor Sant In the video for this plugin you have a rainbow colour on the commands and your character's name is a different colour. How was this accomplished?
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    Maliki's Dual Wield ver 2.3c

    Ok, so fixed my issue. Your OP just gives links to the raw text of the script, not an actual .js file, so the name I saved it as wasn't MalDualWield, which I find looking at your update log is important. However, it now has another issue...
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    Maliki's Dual Wield ver 2.3c

    Ya I don't even have a save file for the game, still in the initial developments phase.
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    Maliki's Dual Wield ver 2.3c

    Edit: Just turned off all non-YEP plugins and still had this issue.
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    Another Dual Wield Request

    Looking for a Dual Wield script, or help modifying one [VE Dual Wield], that is free for commercial, and shows two attacks without the character returning to their place and stepping forward again between attacks, and compatible with YEP. Or a way to accomplish this with YEP Action Sequences for...
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    Maliki's Dual Wield ver 2.3c

    Tried using this, but encountered this when I used a shop: And this when I tried to open the menu:
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    Secret Passage Script

    Didn't know this subforum existed. Thought it was all in the other one. Thx.
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    Secret Passage Script Gonna try it out. Edit: It almost works! Like, it does, but it doesn't cover the top of your head like mykrme's script did. Maybe I can find some work around... Or if you know a way to fix this? Edit 2: IT WORKS! Just have to set the...
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    Secret Passage Script

    Resource Type: Script Maker Format: MV Art Style: N/A Description: Trying to find a script that works and is free for commercial use. Want to be able to pass under a normally impassable tile (with regions would be nice). SecretPassage.js by mykrme...
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    Eisele's Pets

    Ya it's not easy for me to find things on that site. Thanks for posting images though, it's more than I've been able to find so far.

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