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    How can I make the "item successfully used" sound not play?

    Sorry, I'm not entirely sure I understand. Where should I be putting this code, and how can I tell what original value the volume has originally?
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    How can I make the "item successfully used" sound not play?

    I see. Is there a way to make it so that it doesn't play sound in a certain situation, but plays sound usually? It doesn't seem like there is, huh.
  3. KChasm

    How can I make the "item successfully used" sound not play?

    An example of the sound can be heard here: Note that it's not the first few sounds, like from when I call the menu, but the more "flourishy" sound. I don't know what information is relevant, but I'm using common events that are set off by using items and with the whole "item used" stuff...
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    Looking for a sprite of a safe (VX ACE)

    I'm trying to build a sprite of an old-fashioned safe that fits the Ace RTP style - I've given it my best go, but the best I've managed looks like some kind of brutalist TARDIS. Here's a link to the kind of thing I'm trying to ape...
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    Moved my files to a new computer - now I get this message. (VX Ace)

    I recently moved over to a new computer, moving over all the rpgmaker files that were in My Documents. I made some changes to the files before I booted RPG Maker VX Ace up on the new computer (sprite additions/changes, some text files with notes, etc.) but when I did boot it up, I got this...
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    I'm definitely programming something wrong here, but for god's sake, what?

    Damn! I can't believe I missed that. Thanks a bunch!
  7. KChasm

    I'm definitely programming something wrong here, but for god's sake, what?

    So I've got a puzzle in my game wherein you place four cards in four picture frames (plus a fifth frame in the room over), and if you press a button in the next room and all the right cards are in the right picture frames, the door opens. Else, you die. Problem is, I'm doing...SOMETHING wrong...
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    Can I have a shadow, please?

    I'm afraid this isn't what I meant at all. When I was looking for a shadow, I meant the shadow that's cast on a floor by a wall. Does anyone have that?
  9. KChasm

    Can I have a shadow, please?

    I want to manually add a shadow to a sprite, like the ones that are created when I place a wall, but I can't really seem to find this sprite in my resources (though I may have missed it), nor do I know exactly what to search for to find it online. I don't suppose anyone could link or...
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    What's the best way to implement this?

    As part of a "cutscene," I'm aiming to have a tentacle extend from out of a hole and down a passageway. What would be the best way to do this? My first thought would be to make every tile the tentacle crosses a separate event tile and have each one charge its image to create the illusion of...
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    [VXAce] Use (key) item on event - How to?

    Testing it out now, and it seems to be exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, everyone.
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    [VXAce] Use (key) item on event - How to?

    That looks like what I'm looking for, but will that work considering I'm not using MV? EDIT: I got the same page when I looked down the long list of VX Ace scripts, so I guess it will. In case this helps, what I'm looking to do is something like what happens in this video, about three minutes in:
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    [VXAce] Use (key) item on event - How to?

    I've seen this sort of thing done in RPG Maker games, I think. The player character stands in front of and facing the object you're about to use the item on The menu is opened manually, and the relevant item is selected, also manually Things happen as a result I've got a key item and an object...
  14. KChasm

    [Ace] A request for blood but not in a way that sound creepy, hopefully

    A couple of those threads seem useful (though unfortunately a lot of image links are either broken or bucketed). Thanks.

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