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  1. Conditional Portraits Based on Character Clothing Choices

    Hi, all!  I've run into a problem, and if there's a solution I haven't been able to find it.  Basically, I'm making a social-sim game, and I wanted to include the ability to change your character's clothing every day.  The problem is, I use large portraits (Galv Message Busts), which show the...
  2. The Resource WIP thread 2

    Hey, decided to start trying to make my own maps, so I've been working on some assets.  My first finished object is a Yoshino cherry tree; what are everyone's thoughts on it?  Thanks for the look!
  3. Game & Map Screenshots 6

    So, I've decided to make my own maps for my game, and I've been tinkering around with making my own assets.  I just finished making a Yoshino cherry tree, and was wondering what everyone thought of it, and what I could improve on. Thanks! (hopefully this is the right forum, I checked the rules...
  4. 15 Essential Character Expressions

    Yeah, I'm one of those people who tend to overdo things.  I started out with basic expressions, then as I wrote dialogue I'd start thinking of more specific expressions that would suit it, and before I knew it I'd overdone it.  Some examples: awkward, scared, crying, pleeeease, quizzical...
  5. 15 Essential Character Expressions

    Thanks Makio-Kuta; Your tips are really helping out! I've barely started the new method and already I can see the results! I'm creating the limited number of poses as you've suggested, and I'm amazed at how many of the expressions actually fit into four or five different poses! You've been a...
  6. 15 Essential Character Expressions

    Thanks for your advice :) So, did all of the expressions have alternate poses, or just some of them?  How did you choose which ones?  The reason I ask is because I tend to go overboard and give every single dang one of my portraits a unique pose, which slows production to a crawl.  
  7. 15 Essential Character Expressions

    So, I've been working on the art assets for my game, and since it is almost completely character-interaction driven my custom portraits are a huge part of the game (made 'em bigger and everything).  The problem I've run into is that I can't decide which expressions to create pictures for.  I've...
  8. Make an event vanish on another day

    This did the trick! Taking out the self-switches and doing what you said made the character disappear on day two!  I'd been banging my head on the keyboard for hours, so this comes as a huge relief!   A big thank you to you, and everyone who read and replied to my post :)
  9. Make an event vanish on another day

    So, I did a quick search and didn't find anything, so hopefully you can help. I'm making a 'relationship sim' game that is based on the system in the Persona series.  The days will advance, and I have a variable switch counter for the days.  I'm trying to get certain events to only appear on...

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