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    Thank you for your help. it's important to me.

    Thank you for your help. it's important to me.
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    Hi Avery.The work you do is really exciting.I am proud of your creation to appear in my story Could you help me to create a cattle? Famingcattle like my avatar.

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 I may actually have something I can put into the Boss Battle Build Bout by the time it’s due. It won’t be anything spectacular (or even great (and maybe not even good (I have no idea how to do combat (yay for nested parentheses)))), but I might have a submission none the less.
Today's my first login since Jan 2020. Time sure flies. Sorry to everyone's messages i missed.
It's satisfying to master the usage of a hard plugin, then making it do what you want. ( o w o)!!
I'll be redesigning some of the main characters from my many wip stories :kaohi:

Starting with the (chronologically) first of them, Cedric!
gotta love when a plugin you thought had nothing to do with why something else wasn't working winds up being the issue...

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