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    Astrild Skarlak
    "The shieldmaiden who rejects shields!"​
    Coming from the Rubylands to Lauss amidst the rebellion against Raudaz to look for her missing sister. Her element is the Soul Fire that burns enemy's mana. Her rune blessing is Tiwaz. Rumored as the current Phoenix incarnation of her clan.​
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New Challenger has arrived for battle... the Ybox 63 X... The upper body is just basically a Sega Saturn controller, for anyone who remembers what that looks like lol. You'll fight these at the local high school area.
I'm getting better at sleeptyping. Yesterday I typed something that didn't make sense at all contextually, but was a valid without any grammar errors (and almost no spelling ones).
Maybe it's time for a new avatar.
I was trying to learn to play 2 songs on my acoustic guitar. The Bard's Song (Blind Guardian) and Aerith's Theme (the godly master composer who needn't be named). I was learning them 'by ear'.

Well today, only a week after not picking up my guitar. I can't even remember the first few notes to either. So I guess I'll need to learn to write sheet music alongside javascript :\

Feline Rescue.

Hope everyone is well. Lost power for about 12hours and dumped fridge and freezer items but restocked today.

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