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    Script call for changing enemy state

    yesyes that's exactly what I needed, thank you.
  2. Kemezryp

    Script call for changing enemy state

    (couldn't find it in ) Anyway, I need a script call that will make enemy of index v[26] get a state of id 37. Tried few things but didn't work. Thanks!
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    Equip Armor from Scene_Item? (using YEP_ItemCore)

    Hewwo! Title says everything. I want to make it possible to equip armor from item menu. It's just annoying when player enters "Item" category and has grayed-out "use" option after selecting armor piece. I need it only for armors, not necessarily weapons. Screenshot shows my issue perfectly:
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    Script call that will change image opacity without moving it?

    Well, I managed to do this by myself aaaand: Even without blinking it's buggy! Yeah, I probably didn't check this carefully. I think I'll just make white highlight invisible while scrolling. If someone's curious how I managed to make picture change its opacity without moving, there you go: I...
  5. Kemezryp

    Script call that will change image opacity without moving it?

    Naah, piority didn't do. I made another map, copied "blinking" event firstly (so it had ID:001), "startup" secondly. Result was the same. It's not laggy. Maybe "delay" was a wrong word. By saying "delay", I meant that the image comes at its place after finishing previous "Move Image" command...
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    Script call that will change image opacity without moving it?

    Separate event that makes white highlight blinking: Unvisible procedure is almost the same, it just has different numbers. That's why I asked for simple script call for opacity change.
  7. Kemezryp

    Script call that will change image opacity without moving it?

    Title says everything, but if someone is interested in my problem: I'm trying to make a nice title screen for my game. Selected option is highlighted by 2 images shown on this picture: Both of them move at the same time when player presses up or down to change an option, but the white one is...
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    Open menu while message is on screen.

    I fixed it by myself, I probably should have been report it to plugin creator instead of making a new thread lol. I explained my fix at the plugin page.
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    Request: Open menu during messages plugin

    Your plugin is not compatible with Yanfly Extension Message Pack 1. I fixed that by editing line 66: and removing existing line 95. Everything works for me now. Thanks for plugin! QUICK EDIT: I modified v1.0. Didn't see there was v1.2, but this version doesn't work for me anyway, I'm not...
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    Equip Slots Core

    Hello, Hime! I know last update was like 2 years ago, but I've found a bug. [see last comment in my post] In Vanilla RPG Maker, when you use "Seal Equip" trait, equipped armors and/or weapons unequip themselves. I want to make dual-wield weapons seal off-hand slot, but the seal option unequips...
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    Multiple Weapon/Armor Types Plugin

    Alright, I did some research again and I ended up here. One comment suggested to use Hime Equip Slots Core. At first I thought it's incompatible with other plugins because of the error at the beginning of playtest, but it was appearing only because the plugin reworks the way "eTypeId" works. I...
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    Multiple Weapon/Armor Types Plugin

    Nah, it doesn't really change anything related. Equiping weapons can lock others slots just like passive states, so the effect would be the same. Again, if the slot has the same name, it locks along with the first one, and that makes an ununequipable weapon (lol). I think the simplest solution...
  13. Kemezryp

    Multiple Weapon/Armor Types Plugin

    It has nothing to do with duplicating anything. I'm sorry if my message looks unclear, English is not my native language. Exactly. If possible, I also want those two slots to be called differently, for example "Main Hand" and "Off-Hand". Basically it works, but 1. Slots names are the same. (I...
  14. Kemezryp

    Multiple Weapon/Armor Types Plugin

    When entering "Weapons" or "Armors" tabs in database, we can see a "Weapon/Armor Type:" option. I need a plugin that will allow me to give specific W/A two of those types with notetags, so I can equip one of them to two different spots. So why won't you just use Yanfly/Hime Equip Core for this...
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    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player)

    I managed to make an extension to your plugin that allowed me to do that so I forgot about this problem, hah. Still, it's nice to see an update. Already tested and works pretty nice. Hope it will help someone as well! Thank you.

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