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    Trying out the new 8-Bit graphics DLC! Going for a little bit of Final Fantasy 2, Dragon Quest, and Octopath Traveler all in one shot.
    I think the font looks perfect as it is. A lot of people have the wrong idea that pixel graphics should intrinsically make everything else pixelated as a result, which is pretty bad by a design standard. A mixture of things that are pixelated and HQ designs that fit in with the theme are essential to keep the player engaged and interested, as long as the variety makes sense aesthetically.
    Funny enough, Pasteleptic, Crystal Project which uses Time Fantasy with Voxels, has both a smooth font and a pixel font. But it'd be interesting to see if someone can pull off this HD-2D vibe from Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy, and Crystal Project with RPG Maker somehow.
    @BloodletterQ I'd love to see that as well. It's very possible, but just thinking about the coding aspect gives me a headache.
    I bought the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest 3 when it was on sale recently, and now I'm afraid I'm completely down the Dragon Quest rabbit hole. :aswt:



    I don't think the design of the status window is final, but I'm happy with the progress.
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I may or may not be slightly crazy. Since I couldn’t find anything to renumber generator parts files that works on Linux, I’m scripting something up to run via terminal that’ll do the job. (Face is done (and was a fustercluck-and-a-half), and I’m taking a well-earned break before tackling SV, TV, TVD, and Variation. @.@)
I fixed my little issue... apparently filenames are case-sensitive. After I renamed the file IconSet.png instead of Iconset.png, it worked. I changed it back and forth a few times just to confirm this.

I'm gonna go beat my head against the wall now.

and an original idea of people having alter egos is back... finally.
Another camping area.
I just found out somebody pirated my 3,99$ game. I spent over a year making it and somebody just publish it for free a week after early access released.

I should be glad, cuz if they pirate you, that means your game has to be good, but im not. I barely sold any copy. Didn't get any info from most of the sites I wrote.

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