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years later and I still couldn't get over the fact that Konami killed P.T. and Silent Hills. Oh so much potential for a new modern classic horror.
Finished reworking the design of my page <3 Back to making plugins.
I kind of want make a map that's just giant version of the player that's they're running around on. Either by stringing together multiple maps or just by shrinking the player sprite for those maps. Actually that might make a fun reveal... The player's on a normal looking map, but then as realization dawns on them it zooms out to show a much larger map that's a giant version of the player. :LZSexcite:
Do you like to practice level design? I do hahahaha! It's not from a specific game, it's just some tests...Fase 1.png
I really need a better indicator of where you can jump up and down though I feel... otherwise I like how this turned out for the first part of the first dungeon of the game.

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