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  1. RMVXA [JRPG] Final Fantasy Golden Stories

    Hi.( EDIT: I tried to test an earlier save-file to see what i`m missing, and after goes to sleep at the castle, there`s one "cutscene" where i`m caught in endless battles with Elia that fights Zina, 10 times now and then i quit. Something wrong or should i kill her a lot of times? Maybe the...
  2. RMVXA [JRPG] Final Fantasy Golden Stories

    Hi . This seems great. Congrats on to complete such a big and what it seems, very good game. When in first town and in the chuch i think, it`s two stair(right and left) but thye are not responding. Maybe sooner in the game? I love battles but i really love when escape works nearly all the time...
  3. COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus, let's talk about it.

    . We should not take covid19 too easy of`course. But something that maybe can light it up a little . I hope i`m dont doing something wrong now, i don`t even know if we can link to you tube. Excuse me . Take it serious all people. It`s Not the flu. EDIT: I don`t have any rights to the video.
  4. COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus, let's talk about it.

    Hi. Kupotepo: Yes , it`s increasing here. Now the north places of Sweden having a hard time and that`s something new. Before it was much Stockholm, then down in the country and now they crying for help( nurses and so on, in the north )Both language barrier and cultural barrier is a big...
  5. COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus, let's talk about it.

    I`m glad to see for example Italy is going better now and with the news that may( or not) be true that a vaccin is on it`s way, but it will take some time, maybe people can find strength to hold on to the "stay safe" things like having common sense. Common sense is what we in Sweden have tried...
  6. RMMV Silus

    Thanks Tanarex. Now i have good clue about how to do. I knew it was something about the switch a missed. And Euphoniac, thanks, i will write to you.
  7. RMMV Silus

    Hi. It`s a little hard to explain what i my problem is. But where is Daleth? i have tried to touch the crystal from all sides and have open all chests. But i can`t see any way to move forward in the tower. I have the ladder down(find the switch) but how and where to proceed? Gonna check you tube...
  8. RMVXA Montagor's Legacy - Sequel to The Book of Shadows

    It`s not often that i spent money on games (because so many great are free) but this is on top of my list. Just waiting for the end of the month and my money. And i will let you know any suggestions for changes to the sequel if i came up with some that you and maybe others not have already have...
  9. COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus, let's talk about it.

    Hi. I`m from Sweden and here the government only says to people that stay home if you can( high-school and higher schools works from distance(mostly) but not younger.... and wash your hands and keep social distance...Aand i don`t know, Finland , Norway, Denmark has much harder restrictions and...
  10. RMMV Silus

    This looks very interesting, a "must" try. Will leave feedback as i play it." A rotating party " seems promising because in most of the games you stuck with the same persons in your party. Or at least i have a tendency to stick with the same characters. Is this your first game?
  11. RMMV Celestial Legacy - A 15-20 hour JRPG style game

    Hi. The 1.20 saves does not work for 1.25?Or? Is it possible to play to the end on 1.20? I can`t begin over again right now.
  12. RMMV Celestial Legacy - A 15-20 hour JRPG style game

    Hi , this looks strange.
  13. Ascendants: Power Rising (Available on Mobile and PC!)

    Hi. Ok, i really like long good games so it seems great. Because i just have problem with Steam so i just search on your game and find your game there on Just luck from my side. I must be one of the few that does not play mobile games so i wait for the PC version.
  14. Ascendants: Power Rising (Available on Mobile and PC!)

    Hi. It seems that you have done a lot of work with this game. Looks very good, and with a lot to do and see. Looking a little on the game on , and my question is when does the (new) PC version coming out? And how long do you estimate the game is? i know it`s hard to say exactly.
  15. RMMV Celestial Legacy - A 15-20 hour JRPG style game

    Hi. This is almost a perfect game, but i found one thing for players to avoid. If you have : Shozoku equipped and start a battle when the character with Shozoku is dead, then the battle never start because it`s waiting for the dead character to act. Thanks for this wonderful game. Maybe some...

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