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    Testing / NPM / Transpiling

    So I saw this thread since it has been bumped, since my already did part of what the OP asked, I though it could be useful to extend it into I added ES2015 support (through babel), and configured it to...
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    How to get the name of the caller of a function?!

    The reason is merely because it's very slow as it prevents optimizations, for this reason trying to access it will throw a TypeError. in Chrome/Webkit there's a console.trace method which can be invoked like console.log but contains the stacktrace, this plus the fact that you can name your...
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    Ruby 'Each do' JS equivalent?

    In EcmaScript 2015 there's a couple of new addition to the Array.prototype: Array#findIndex and Array#find the latter is what you're looking for in your inner logic, now your logic is more complicated that finding an element if an expression returns true, as you've nested arrays so...
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    Ruby 'Each do' JS equivalent?

    Just to add that a functional equivalent of this code can be achieved using `Array#some` in this way: $dataActors.some(function(actor){   if(cond) {return true} })
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    menu background filter

    I feel like this may conflict with other plugins setting filters when all the filters has been removed, I'll look into it better later in the week and fix that problem
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    menu background filter

    Oh, now I understand what you mean, no this plugin changes the background of menus only, the textbox window doesn't use any menu window so you cannot do this using this plugin, sorry! Edit: What you want can be done with ...
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    menu background filter

    Yes, in the case of your example you can call AppendMenuBackgroundFilter Blur AppendMenuBackgroundFilter Gray if you want to remove all previous filters you can just call RemoveAllMenuBackgroundFilters before that, it should look like this
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    menu background filter

    Have you ever notice how the default menu background has a very faint, almost annoying around the text, blur? Would you prefer having a proper 'frosted glass' effect blur? What if my game is takes places in the past? Or what if I want to give a 8bit atmosphere? Well, I guess you've...
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    'use strict' mode unreliable?

    are you opening your console? Are you sure there's nothing there?
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    'use strict' mode unreliable?

    Strict mode is a tool for the developer, when you're writing your code it will notify you that something is wrong so you can 'fix' your code, the fixed code 99% of the times work as it is on older browsers not supporting strict mode, there are some exceptions, as strict mode changes the way...
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    Adding JSON data temporarily.

    If you want to save to a file look at StorageManager.saveToLocalFile which just use node.js fs to save the file, if instead you are happy to add your data to the savefile just do something like
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    FPLE: First Person Labyrinth Explorer

    looks more like a raycaster engine than mode7, someone did implement something like that using pixi: 
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    Run Plugin Command on Javascripts

    I think he asked how to run a plugin command from JavaScript. Well, I tried and it worked. If the function doesn't use this inside you can safely call it, in this particular case the original pluginCommand is just an empty function that does nothing, but of course, if any plugin that patch it...
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    Run Plugin Command on Javascripts

    I think Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand('OpenNewWindow', [''])should work EDIT: for full compatibility with other scripts I suggest though to use something like this:
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    Finally having working copy and paste on the OSX debugger makes a huuuuge difference...

    Finally having working copy and paste on the OSX debugger makes a huuuuge difference:

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