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    Event Indicators (Quest Markers)

    Just putting this out for those who use Terrax Lighting plugin, these two plugins are NOT compatible!! Icons will not show if Terrax Plugin is ON. Overall, amazing plugin!! Love the simplicity. :) EDIT/UPDATE: After doing some testing, if you place this plugin BELOW Terrax Lighting...
  2. Kevin O'Ryan

    [SOLVED] Steam Version: Text is MESSED UP!!!!

    Had nothing to do with corrupted files or anything, turns out they just did an update... I rolled it back and it works. Apparently people are complaining about the new update, so I will just keep it at the previous version until it's working again. I keep everything vanilla with installation...
  3. Kevin O'Ryan

    [SOLVED] Steam Version: Text is MESSED UP!!!!

    I am extremely stressed out with this problem!! I have done everything from restarting the software, to making a new project and this KEEPS happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was working perfectly for 1 year, now all of a sudden it just dies mid-way into a game. I never mess with the game font...
  4. Kevin O'Ryan

    Auto Push NPC

    Umm..... I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but when I use a push sprite.... he never stops doing it... My characters sprite doesn't go back to normal and it's kinda annoying.. :(
  5. Kevin O'Ryan

    Zeus Lights & Shadows

    Galvs Region Effects seem to not work anymore... not sure if its this script or another one... lol Nevermind, I had messed up on a something when applying this script... lol All is good and work together!
  6. Kevin O'Ryan

    RPG Maker MV Interface wont work..??

    Where do I update them?? Can't find a "Chipset" in my Device Manager?...
  7. Kevin O'Ryan

    RPG Maker MV Interface wont work..??

    I have searched.... can't find anything... :( :(
  8. Kevin O'Ryan

    RPG Maker MV Interface wont work..??

    I downloaded the trial yesterday. I have also download the 1.1 (updated) version, still the same problem... guess RPG Maker MV is useless. Oh well, looks nice in screenshots. *Opens RPG Maker VX Ace* sometimes, older software is the best. :)
  9. Kevin O'Ryan

    RPG Maker MV Interface wont work..??

    I am using RPG Maker MV TRIAL, downloaded from the main site. Not sure if it's my computer or not, but I run DirectX 9 and not sure if it's something to do with my hardware or not... I can MV games and open the the software with no errors or problems. I have attached some images to show...
  10. Kevin O'Ryan

    help with villain sprite

    Well, I can do it for free! Depending on your graphics... do you have the graphics you want to use?
  11. Kevin O'Ryan

    Am I allowed to use title screens for icons?

    Yes, you can! Take a screenshot and just resize it in your image editor like Photoshop or Gimp and make it into a .ico or .png format. Then you can use Resource Hacker to change the icon. Make sure to make a 32x32 64x64 48x48 and 16x16...
  12. Kevin O'Ryan

    I'm back, doods & doodettes!!! lol

    I'm back, doods & doodettes!!! lol
  13. Kevin O'Ryan

    Death Sprite for Silent Hill Nurse (Sprites Made)....

    Hello, I don't normally do this for I like to try on my own... but, I have been trying to figure out the death sprites... and I can't seem to do them right... they always look, well cruddy.. (I can't figure out the 3D part of it is what I mean...) I have made a Silent Hill Nurse sprite...
  14. Kevin O'Ryan

    KILLED!! YOU ALL KILLED IT!!!!! lol :D

    KILLED!! YOU ALL KILLED IT!!!!! lol :D
  15. Kevin O'Ryan

    Nope, Ada for my game that's in full swing. Dream Nation is no where ready for that. :P lol

    Nope, Ada for my game that's in full swing. Dream Nation is no where ready for that. :P lol

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