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    Mouse System Ex

    I think the easiest solution would be to have 2 images for each cursor, something like: "cursor_x2_y2_wm" and "cursor_x2_y2_fsm", so when we go from window to fullscreen it automatically switches to the one with the "_fsm" at the end. Mainly because you don't know which resolution they're using...
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    Mouse System Ex

    Yeah, I was sure it was a bug but I didn't know if it was your plugin or not. Another little thing I've noticed it's that when you go fullscreen, the cursors remain at the same size while everything else scales up. This looks weird (as the cursor looks sharp while the rest gets a little blurry)...
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    Official Bug Report

    I now started to try different audio files and I have to report the audio delay happens to me too, it can take up to 10 seconds depending on the file size. I hope this is something that can be fixed because it really messes up with every cutscene or timing we might need.
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    Mouse System Ex

    That's awesome to hear.  I'm here again to report a bug. Well, I think it's a bug. When using a custom cursor and playing on a window, if you take the cursor out of the window and then go back inside of it, the custom cursor it's not shown, instead the windows arrow takes its place (going to...
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    Mouse System Ex

    And.... you're awesome!  This plugin adds a lot of utility for making UIs, minigames or entire systems based on mouse interaction, which is really good now that MV supports it natively, making this plugin a must for everyone. I sent you an email to your contact email a few days ago with some...
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    Mouse System Ex

    Another excellent plugin. I was wondering if an offset option could be added for the mouse cursors. Looking at this example: The red point is where the "clicking" is detected right now, but if we wanted to use this type of cursors (for minigames and other things), it doesn't work well as the...
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    Storing mouse coordinates (Pixels, not tiles), is it possible?

    I want to know if there's a way to know where the player is clicking (pixel-wise, not tiles). Is it possible? I saw this thread: but that stores the tile...
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    Bind Pictures To Map

    Hi, first of all, excellent plugin, absolutely necessary for parallax mappers. Now, I've been trying it out and I've discover something that I'm not sure it's supposed to be this way. This is the event's page: On the first page I show 4 images and then on the second page I move the 4th one...
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    Official Bug Report

    Try downloading the ItemCore plugin again from Yanfly's page here:, maybe something is not right with the one you have. Remove it first and add it again after downloading it. Other than that, you might want to ask Yanfly directly, as it seems to be...
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    Official Bug Report

    That's weird, I was checking and I can't find any other plugin that might be doing that. At this point I would recommend you to disable all of your plugins just to see if it's a plugin issue or a bug.
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    Official Bug Report

    I meant Equipcore, not ItemCore:  That "Non-removable types" makes so that the weapon with the matching ID (in this case it's the default sword which has the ID 1) cannot be unequipped from the party members who have it equiped. Put a 0 in there and try again (or simply deactivate the plugin...
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    Official Bug Report

    Are you using Yanfly's item core plugin? Because there are parameters which makes some items to be unequipable, check that first to see if that is what's causing it.
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    Exit (exit button script)

    I meant custom menus and evented systems, not other wrappers, my bad haha. Using that command to exit the game on any custom menu is really useful, that's what I meant. Thanks again for sharing this plugin!
  14. Khaldriel

    Exit (exit button script)

    A great plugin, it's very useful for most projects. If I understood it correctly, the plugin command allows you to exit the game even on custom systems or anywhere we want, so that's a plus. Thanks for creating it!
  15. Khaldriel

    RPG Maker MV 1.0.1

    Glad it worked fine!

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