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    Gnasher's SV battler animated enemies

    Without specialised plugin (vanila RPG maker MV/MZ) you might use bigger SV battlers. There are few rules. 1. 6 lines of sprites 2. 9 rows of sprites 3. 3 sprites per animation. 4. Every sprite must be same size. Every 3 images animation set has exact use - description bellow. Here you can get...
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    Help Finding Inspiration

    Read the good book, watch a good movie, spend a good time with your friends - just do anything what you like to recharge your batteries. In my case - the main issue here is - sometimes it is pretty hard to "inspire yourself". I personally found others, who are interested in my game to be...
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Tried. Everything above 2000 is reverted to 2000, that is what I meant by "capped at 2000".
  4. Kilitar

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    In MZ, we can set bigger resolution, but it is capped at 2000, so no 4k (or 3440x1440) is possible. (if you ask, why I need such bit extreme resolution - it is for minigame to my wife for Christmass and I like if it fits her screen in proper resolution. --- I hoped for solution to be in this...
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    Trouble with adding a button.

    Thank you @Poryg. I also did not found how can I check which actor is active and dynamically enable buttons based on his stats/params etc... I can check for example this._actor._talentPoints from status scene functions. But this._actor._talentPoints is unidentified for backbutton menu. (in...
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    Trouble with adding a button.

    @Poryg @Aloe Guvner - I would like another your advice with scroll between actors via buttons. I used same concept which worked for BackButton. Add button and set correct handler for it. Issue I have now: next - previous button works only once and switch to next actor. Then it takes focus...
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    Trouble with adding a button.

    Yep, Poryg - your script works now, I missed part "BackButtonWindow.prototype.makeCommandList = function()" Great job from both of you guys and thank for your time. I also understand much better now how windows are handled within scene Now I am going extend this concept to scroll between...
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    Trouble with adding a button.

    Thx it worked for one problem - button now works - but still has no text on it.
  9. Kilitar

    Trouble with adding a button.

    Still no luck. error "cannot read property 'bind' of undefined This button is a very resistant beast :]
  10. Kilitar

    Trouble with adding a button.

    Well, replaced as you advised, but still no luck. AT least this.setHandler('backButton', SceneManager.pop()); does not return error. Window is created but no button visible on it. No text. Now I have it placed inside BackButtonWindow.prototype.initialize If I move addCommand and...
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    Trouble with adding a button.

    Thank you, Tried and made some progress. I made own prototype of BackButtonWindow function BackButtonWindow() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments); }; BackButtonWindow.prototype = Object.create(Window_Command.prototype); BackButtonWindow.prototype.constructor = BackButtonWindow...
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    Trouble with adding a button.

    Hello, I have no troubles to adding/rearrange/resize buttons in Window_MenuCommand objects. It is simple plugin using methods already available as part of it. My app is made for android tablets/phones and it has included pedometter and GPS plugin as it interacts with real world around...
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    Simple Stack States

    Hello. If I understand it corectly, I can simply change default non-stackable states to stackable with override only one function: Game_Battler.prototype.addState = function(stateId) { if (this.isStateAddable(stateId)) { // if (!this.isStateAffected(stateId)) {...
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    [GPS]GeoLogger and GeoManager

    Thank you for this plugin :). I know it is not "fresh thread". In my case, usage for my "game" is this: My game is based on LARP (Live Action Role Playing) system game. Our group of friends in real environment - with medieval equipment playing RPG Maker MV game on android tablet/phone. One...
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    Add array data as part of actor properties

    Well, I was not able to make it work. Took me few hours to get it work. I was getting error message all the time TypeError: Failed to execute 'createLinearGradient' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': float parameter 3 is non-finite. - and as inexperienced "coder" I did not even know what should I...

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FINALLY got the mood system in the game during battle. Since the game is called Panic Attack, I figured you should have certain moods present including Panic. so the main 3 or Hype, Depressed, and Anxious. Panic is only when stunned.
Red's design is finally finished (his hair is blue on purpose, it's a joke!). Out of all of the compulsory party members, he spends the most time with you. Just like the character he's based on, he presents himself as a simple person who only wants to help others, but there's obviously more to him than meets the eye.
I drew the cover for my new book. I don 't like to entrust this work to someone else )

So if I wanted to share little video clips of my game on here... without using youtube... what would be the most ideal way to do that? FWIW, I use Mega a lot to upload videos and just share the links with my friends.

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