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  • Hi!  I saw you helped someone with an absorption barrier formula.  I want to include items that create and restore barrier points per turn, but can't figure out how to write in a maximum BP for the item.

    For example, a Barrier Ring starts each fight with 500 points and restores 100 points per turn with a maximum of 500.  I already have the starting points and regenerating points, but I'm not much for the lunatic mode.  Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. 
    Sure thing! Try this:

    <Custom Barrier Points>
    var maxbarrier = 500;
    value = maxbarrier - user.barrierPoints()
    </Custom Barrier Points>

    <Custom Barrier Regen>
    var maxbarrier = 500;
    var regen = 100;
    if ((maxbarrier - user.barrierPoints()) < regen) {
    value = maxbarrier - user.barrierPoints()
    } else {
    value = regen
    </Custom Barrier Regen>

    Let me know if it works.
    Worked like a charm.  Thanks a lot!
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