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    Tiled Plugin (Demo for RMMV 1.3.0+ Released)

    Something's happening and I don't know if it is a bug or if I should expect it to happen. I'm gonna try to explain it step by step. 1- I create a map in TileD, import tilesets, and save it. 2- I playtest in RPG Maker, everything works fine. 3- I go back to TileD to edit the map, import tilesets...
  2. killerfer

    Tall character creator (non-Chibi), 1920's fashion

    This is absolutely amazing. Thank you.
  3. killerfer

    Refresh the Equip Scene

    A already have that script, it's a dependency for Dynamic Slots. =/ I am pretty newbie when it comes to RGSS3 but I don't think it's the Window Class I should refresh, it is the SceneEquip? Sorry if i'm wrong. I took a look at the SceneEquip and it has @slot_window.refresh on item ok, optimize...
  4. killerfer

    Refresh the Equip Scene

    Yeah, that didn't work... Let me try to elaborate. In my commom event, I add slots to the actor using Hime - Dynamic Equip Slots whenever he/she equips an item, and I remove the slots when he/she unequips. It's working fine, except Hime's script doens't refresh the Equip Scene, it just adds to...
  5. killerfer

    Refresh the Equip Scene

    I'm using a common event inside the equip scene (with Hime - Scene Interpreter), and I need to refresh the equip scene (more specifically the slots window) after the event is over. Is there a way to do it with a script call from the event? I'm using VX Ace btw.
  6. killerfer

    Trying to make a Libra/Scan skill Script

    @Tsumio My bad, gonna edit the first post, I'm not talking about MV, I'm talking about Vx Ace. I thought I didn't need to say cause this is the Ruby Forum. Edit: Solved.
  7. killerfer

    Trying to make a Libra/Scan skill Script

    Trying to make a libra skill in Rpg Maker Vx Ace. My skill saves the enemy index in a variable. Sooo I made this: target = $game_troop.members[$game_variables[23]] What I want to do is this: target.hp to get the enemy hp target.mhp to get the enemy max hp and so on. From what I've read I'm...
  8. killerfer

    Updated to MV 1.5.0 and now I can't use it

    Thanks man, I checked the integrity of the files and it worked.
  9. killerfer

    Updated to MV 1.5.0 and now I can't use it

    So, been away for a couple months and tought I would return to rpg maker. Steam updated to mv 1.5.0. Followed the instructions in the page, but my game was not working. So here is what I did. Created a new project. Hit playtest. New Game. Error. Please help.
  10. killerfer

    VE - Free Jump

    @Victor Sant how do I call the jump from a script call instead of pressing the button? I want to add some things before the actor jump (like changing its graphic and playing a sound).
  11. killerfer

    Party Manager

    Hello @Tsukihime can you make this plugin compatible with QMovement?
  12. killerfer

    Maru's MV Bits

    Those Tarot cards are awesome :D Can we have them without the names so we can put them in our own language? Thanks ;)
  13. killerfer

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    @Yanfly Did one of the updates of the Battle Engine Core change the default "repeat" option for skills? I created a new project with only Battle Engine Core and no matter what I put in the repeat box, the skill and the damage only happens one time.
  14. killerfer

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    Thanks :D
  15. killerfer

    Galv's Map Projectiles

    Hello @Galv sorry to bother again. I'm trying to make a system where one of my characters summon turrets that fire in a fixed direction. To do that I'm using GALV_EventSpawner. The problem is, I don't know the id of the event that will spawn. Can I ask you to implement a way to reference "this...

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