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  • People are LOVING the latest game update. ;0) Now you can take potential mates (dating) out with you on adventures! Yay!
    What game?
    My game.... its under projects in development... Killer Gin. ;0)
    did you ever get "TriggerButton Left" to work with the yanfly picture plugin?
    Please do not ask support question in Updates. That is not what they are intended for. Instead post in the appropriate thread.
    Oh my. I'm sorry. I thought this was a personal message haha.
    Should we have a section where we can posts opportunities to win money? For example I am offering $300 for my game contests.
    I hope the game guide helps players understand Homestead mode a little  better. This is just a short term fix, in-game tutorials incoming.
    a 7 year old convinced me to allow the spouses that you marry to join your party to adventure with you... and to add pets... brilliant kid!
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    As a result of this amazing conversation:

    This and a lot more is ready to be released today or tomorrow in the next update. Good times! Full breakdown below:

    Killer Gin Update 0.7.1!! (Homestead 0.0.2)

    - Added 21+ new playable characters

    - All dating prospects have a specific class (White Mage, Black Mage, Fighter, etc)

    - Created a dog for Homestead, yes he can also be a party member.

    - Updated Game engine to 1.3.4 (memory fixes)

    - Fixes Homestead livestock code and gift code

    - New skills, items, etc.

    - and much, MUCH more!
    I am merging Homestead mode (farming/dating simulator) into the main RPG! Next big update coming!
    I thought the daily gift giving and talking system was going to be tricky... its been a breeze! So far its very much like Stardew Valleys gift giving and daily talking system but will be much more complex and subtle in terms of what people like/dislike, etc.
    I just found a plugin that makes the MV browser experience much smoother! Between this patch and the memory patch my game is getting awesome!
    OMG that one script FIXED virtually all my memory problems!! Now the game runs so well that I can run it on Android! (Minus the sound lag problem lol but I'll take it). I am so happy!
    OMG! MV still has some HUGE memory issues... UG! When is the next big patch coming?!
    Do our work for us.

    Unfortunately, I have no love for working on game engines lol. I tried before, it was such a pain! lol I know, the irony.

    Don't get me wrong, I love MV, and I do appreciate the work that you guys put into the engine. I just have been soon patient, it has almost been a year now... or perhaps already a year. I just want a game that runs decently, that doesn't crash because of memory issues in mere minutes, or if I am lucky and have a beastly computer, in an hr or two.

    I teach a video game development class at a local college, my students buy RPG Maker MV every semester as part of my course (this is my fourth semester teaching the class so far).

    I waited patiently for MV so that I could finally dive head long into making my first ever RPG. Unfortunately because of the memory leaks, making the game on mobile platforms like Android and iPhone seem impossible, small platforms can't handle such a leak. (Even though the engine is clearly advertised for those platforms, one of the main reasons I waited for MV). I just really have my hopes up for the upcoming patch. I just got a little frustrated when my game is finally getting good and BAM, unplayable due to memory leaks.

    Sorry, I will wait a bit longer, I will just keep busy teaching and developing my game until then. Ah it's almost 5 am, time for sleep. ;0)
    I'm probably doing something wrong, this kind of stuff never happened for me (yes, the irony), not by the engine's fault (not saying the problem does not exists).

    Only time when that happened I fixed it using some "Control Z" on the plugin I was working... no idea what the problem was tho, but it's clear that there was a problem on my code.

    My game never goes above 300mb of memory usage and I use a LOT of events on procedural maps, even in 1920x1080.

    Is that a mobile problem?
    I wonder how much players will like the brand new lighting system mechanic in my game (Day/night cycle, Custom time system, Torch light mechanic, etc). Its very hard to make it all work well together. 
    I just recorded and posted the very first Developer's Diary of my game on youtube! It was fun but now I am nervous lol...
    Its great to have additional testers! This is the result:

    Killer Gin Update 0.5.6d

    - Play Killer Gin online

    - Battle system changed

    - Custom Sleep mechanic added

    - Quest fixes, game mechanic tweaks

    I highly recommend getting as many people to play test your demo as possible.

    1) They try things you never think of trying.
    2)Testers come with a fresh pair of eyes and an empty slate. They will catch the things you take for granted, this is especially true for story elements.
    3) They can provide fresh ideas.
    4) and much more!

    Thankfully I have seen an huge increase of testers for me, allowing me to catch and fix many bugs... ah! They are everywhere!
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