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  • Finished the massive update and uploaded it for everyone to check out. Biggest update yet, doubling the size of game, etc. Check it out and let me know what you think ;0)
    Killer Gin Game demo updated!

    This update mainly addressed growing pains associated with introducing a few new game mechanics. 

    Thanks, I look forward to your feedback.
    Just released new Version of my demo!

    New Killer Gin Release, Version 0.4! (8/2/16)

    Whats added:

    - Added an injury system (tied to hunger and sleeping system) 
    - Added a hunger System (don't go hungry!)
    - Elemental system updated
    - Weather system updated
    - Healing undead will hurt them!
    - Tweaked all enemie stats and AI
    - Added battle graphics and battle animations!
    - Added Spike and boulder traps (Infinity dungeon)!
    - Added Menu to track Party info (under status, extra info)
    - Added new story scene (more will wait till STEAM release)
    - Added more everything (items, skills, etc)!

    There is so much more to come from Killer Gin!

    Thanks, I look forward to your feedback!
    Feeling a lil overwhelmed with the impending STEAM version of my game.
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    spend some time outside in the sun.  If you have sun.  Otherwise just get away from the computer for a while and be a bit active - get your mind onto something else.
    Lol thanks. I just have to take it one day at a time. 
    Latest Demo posted. All efforts are now focused on STEAM debut. Please check out latest version. I look forward to your feedback. 


    Hello all,

    This is the final Killer Gin Version for a while until Killer Gin officially debuts on STEAM! The STEAM debut will greately expand Killer Gin. STEAM details:

    Whats new in 0.3.1a?

    • All plugins have been updated!
    • Weather now carries into battle!

    Until then, download the game (PC, Mac, Android), check out the game trailer (rough draft), and let me know what you think. 


    The Killer Gin
    Check out my new game trailer! Let me know what you think! Constructive feedback would be great so that I may finalize the STEAM version.
    Killer Gin ANDROID Update!

    Hello Guys!,

    I've noticed more and more people downloading the Android Version of Killer Gin so I decided to update the Android build to the newest version, version .0.3.1.


    The Killer Gin

    p.s. The screen buttons work properly now. Sorry the mobile version is still a lil laggy, it will improve in due time. The PC and Mac Version are very smooth!
    Killer Gin is finally hitting its stride! 

    Don't get me wrong, Killer Gin is far from complete, the release date is early 2017. However, I am now getting some VERY positive feedback from respectable gamers.
    I didn't realize how many people rush through games without exploring or equipping their characters. As a result I had to make the beginning of my game much easier.
    @Ms Littlefish My brother used to do that ALL THE TIME. he'd mash the button through the text in Zelda games, and then call me and ask where he's supposed to go. When I realized what he was doing, I stopped telling him. Once he finally had his own internet at home (this was a good 15 years ago...) he finally started to realize that reading the damn text is easier than looking up where to go.
    Ms Littlefish
    Ms Littlefish
    @taarna23 That would drive me nuts. It's one thing to get a bit of text fatigue, that happens to a lot of people even if the dialogue is good. But, some people are mashing, "A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A" right as the game boots. I guess that's doable in some games, but RPGs and adventure games!?
    @Ms Littlefish It did! "Did you just mash the button through the text?" 'Yes...' "Well, I guess you're stuck, then."

    I don't understand, either, but at least he learned. He no longer does that, with one exception, and I don't blame him - button mash through the untranslated Japanese text in a game we play. XD
    Yes! I compressed the #%!@ out of my game! The compressed file size shrank from a bloated 500+MB to a thin 150MB! (while increasing assets)! 
    Between the new graphics. new game journal, and the new save interface, the new version of killer Gin is awesome!
    Just finished a new build of my game! Biggest addition is the Game Journal! I cannot stress how important a game journal is!
    Just updated Killer Gin screen shots! I wonder how much that will help motivate people to try out the demo.
    I learned that Maps (in your game) make all the difference! I fixed my crappy maps and released a new version! Yay!
    Heading to PAX East today! Made sure the new demo for my game, Killer Gin 2.2, was out before I started to hand out flyers. YAY! 
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