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  • Just updated Killer Gin screen shots! I wonder how much that will help motivate people to try out the demo.
    I learned that Maps (in your game) make all the difference! I fixed my crappy maps and released a new version! Yay!
    Heading to PAX East today! Made sure the new demo for my game, Killer Gin 2.2, was out before I started to hand out flyers. YAY! 
    Yay, I am an official banned.url of Yanfly! How could I not be! He does some amazing work! My game is so much better because of his work!
    Killer Gin has moved into the next phase... lawyers, profiles, and PR campaigns?! Oh my! 

    Yes. It's about to get started, please stand by! Steam green light next!

    P.S. New fan art submissions!

    Check official page if you are interested. ;0)
    Getting your game demo to work on android devices is EPIC!! Painful process at first, but well worth it!
    I was able to fix my demo sharing dropbox problem (Excessive Traffic, more than 200+ gb of downloading!) by hosting my demo on my web server on! Problem fixed! Now the demo is available! I am going to use dropbox as a back up plan for now! Happy RPG'ing everyone! Support your community and play a demo today! 
    OMG! Because so many people began downloading my demo, I quickly exceeded dropboxes bandwidth! More downloads more problems! 
    Victor Sant
    Victor Sant
    Dropbox is a crap as a open file sharing, it only useful to share files with a team working on the same team.
    Yeah, they were only willing to share 200gb of bandwidth under my account. So to fix it, I am now sharing my game on my own web server!, Now everything is back up an running again! Happy RPG'ing everybody! 
    OMG, I am so flattered!


    My site,, has received views from all over the world! Including: United States, Brunei, Germany, Montenegro, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and Greece! Welcome! And Thank you so very much for visiting my page. I look forward to hearing back from you! Please enjoy Killer Gin and spread the word! Killer Gin will be released world wide in 2016 on PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone. I just wanted to Thank everyone on for being so wonderful and friendly!
    Just finished creating my official game web page! Now I can get back to checking how my demo is doing on the site!
    Check out my game, Killer Gin, in Early Project Feedback! Links for PC MAC, and Android Demo included! Download today! 
    Please do not post status updates just asking people to visit your thread.

    Forum Rules can be found on a tab at the top of the screen.  There's a link in there to status feed rules.
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My kitty still young (3-4 months), I think I could teach her some funny tricks... like: "Play dead-ly good music for my games"
Here's a quality DPS class idea: The Beekeeper, who uses the "Bees!!" skill to attack and poison enemies.
Please don't create long, boring cutscenes in which characters do nothing but stand around talking.
What if I took a lesson from Half Minute Hero? Let the player get dumb powerful each area, but reset them down to just slightly stronger than before for the next map?
Been averaging 2-3 hours sleep for almost a month now. Starting to space out all the time ^^;

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