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  1. Monster Book

    I figured out at last, and it's working now! If you are using Yanlfy MainMenu Manager, or any plugins for the menu, use "monsterBook". I try it and it works very well. I hope I helped you guys.
  2. CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Well, about MainMenuManager, I didn't use it, I used SRD's menu Kingdom Hearts Plugin. And I used moghunter abs. Sorry about that.
  3. Monster Book

  4. CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    I try it, but it shows me an error.
  5. CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Do you know what command symbol name? Because I am using Yanfly Engine "Main Menu Manager".
  6. RMMZ Alpha ABS (MV + MZ)

    Hi I like your abs, but I want to know does it have a combo? Like when you press Z 3 times, it comes combo. Also, If my party can use combos, it will be great and I will use it.
  7. (Conditional Branch) check if an actor's HP is full (percentage)?

    If I want to make Hp actor is zero, how?
  8. Notes to Self: Little tweaks, mostly chrono engine

    Go to MOG_ChronoCT You will see dash cost, if you want to use it, make it true. If not, then make false
  9. Notes to Self: Little tweaks, mostly chrono engine

    Hi I want to know how to make boss battle death collapse like an explosion, burning, and more death collapse. So I can do that? Because I am not good at this.
  10. RMMV Text Alignment in Menu

    It's working without YEP CoreEngine. Thanks for your help. :smile:
  11. RMMV Text Alignment in Menu

    I am not using YEP core engine.
  12. TSR_SideStairs by The Northern Frog

    I found what I wanted, thank you so much, it's the luckiest day in my life.
  13. RMMV Text Alignment in Menu

    What about SumRndmDde Plugin Menu Kingdom Hearts? I want to make a menu middle alignment when you open a menu, like item, skill, weapon, status, and more...

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