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  • could somebody tell a few very good games am bored of resting because i finished all the games i played
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    If you like cyberpunk, then check out ixias - Stellar Complex: It has a thread here too, but I don't have that bookmarked. I'd try to recommend more, but it all depends on what you like.
    Windows i7
    Windows i7
    Persona 4 Golden on Steam.
    Skydancer a post Atomic tale. The best indie rpg I've ever played. If you're into cyberpunk/post Atomic stories I suggest you to download and play this masterpiece.
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ESAMarathon on Twitch, now streaming "Eat Girl". Yep, that's the title of a game... Apparently it's a Pacman knockoff.... Which is of course the only logical conclusion one would get from a name like "Eat Girl". :kaopride: I can't believe anybody would think anything else! :kaoback:
Super stoked i just finished my first town in my project, by finished i mean i can always add more decorative aesthetics and the NPCs don't talk yet but the mapping is complete and all the important chess pieces are present!
My brain: Hey, I have an idea how to make the transition to the main story quest in The Wastes more natural!
Me: Good!
My brain: You need to remake the hotel you start out in, it's not realistic enough.
Me: Ok... This was unexpected, but I can do it.
My brain: Now make each hotel floor 5 times as large to match the main part. Oh, you also need to make a bunch of new npcs to fill in the space on these maps.
Me: Crap.
Should be able to release Haxe MV/MZ next weekend.
It look that somehow MZ tracks are messed up (for example battle4 is obviously a theme, castle2 is a ship, ship1 is a scene and so on..). Maybe they just named them after with some ambiguity.

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