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  • could somebody tell a few very good games am bored of resting because i finished all the games i played
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    If you like cyberpunk, then check out ixias - Stellar Complex: It has a thread here too, but I don't have that bookmarked. I'd try to recommend more, but it all depends on what you like.
    Windows i7
    Windows i7
    Persona 4 Golden on Steam.
    Skydancer a post Atomic tale. The best indie rpg I've ever played. If you're into cyberpunk/post Atomic stories I suggest you to download and play this masterpiece.
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welp, I literally can't continue working on ALEX now that my MZ trial is up (unless I somehow place in the jam which I don't remotely deserve to for my unfinished crap) so I am back on my bullshit
some test stuff. Empty for now. My other project (this project) needs more attention. The lagging really kicks up when I try to capture gameplay. ✨
Real-Time Battles, Pixel Filter, Animate Cursor & Menus & Windows | RPG Maker News #114

When your side job becomes more interesting than your dayjob and you think "do I quit again or finally actually do the same thing for more than five consecutive years..." I don't think I'll ever be able to say that though, I just cannot stick with one thing like you're 'supposed to'.
Does the word "research" imply that you're searching for something that had been found before?

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