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  • could somebody tell a few very good games am bored of resting because i finished all the games i played
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    The Stranger
    If you like cyberpunk, then check out ixias - Stellar Complex: It has a thread here too, but I don't have that bookmarked. I'd try to recommend more, but it all depends on what you like.
    Windows i7
    Windows i7
    Persona 4 Golden on Steam.
    Skydancer a post Atomic tale. The best indie rpg I've ever played. If you're into cyberpunk/post Atomic stories I suggest you to download and play this masterpiece.
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--- Cheating Part 2 ---

F.Healer: Ahh,This item really expensive!
F.Mage: What should we do?
Hero: Don't worry,i can use this (Activate 999999999G,Suddenly The Game Police Is Watching)
Game Police:Ehem!!! (I See You Gesture)
Hero: (Gulp)...Just...forget it...

Second bust is almost ready. I have to stop for now, but I wanted to show him off. Just have to do a handful of edits and the rest of his expressions will be done.
Kupotepo wrote on casper667's profile.
Thank you @casper667 for make many amazing plugins. Do you see right @hiddenone make the blogs about your plugins?
Does anyone know where the MZ PluginEditorDemo.js can be found? It might be called SampleCoreScript now. I'd like to see what changed from MV.
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