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    - Border - The game you`ll never play!

    That would be cool, just a nice short tutorial on your procedure with some tips. I'm really looking forward to this game, I like the list of thing's you don't have, I've been trying to follow most of the same ideas in my project. This is definitely a refreshing new game idea, and it looks...
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    - Border - The game you`ll never play!

    That's probably the best looking and most realistic world map I've ever seen, and not just in an RPG maker game. I hope there's a menu option to look at that full image with locations on it so you can see the complete map in all it's glory and not just the section of the over world you're in...
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    haha yeah, I see you've risen to 1000 posts while I was away :P

    haha yeah, I see you've risen to 1000 posts while I was away :P
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    XAS Actors - What Should I Use?

    I just finished getting some nice sprites for my new game that's using the XAS (Xiderowg Action System) for the two playable characters, the main hero kid and his friend-that's-a-girl, but after I put them into the game I realized that the equipped weapon or shield doesn't show when you attack...
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    Action Game Menu?

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    pxlgraphic's back, and now better than ever.

    pxlgraphic's back, and now better than ever.
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    Action Game Menu?

    So, I have a vision. It involves an action fantasy RPG using Khas Sapphire Action System with a lot of different weapons, items, spells, dodging, blocking, jumping, deflecting and everything of the sort to make an intense experience. Sadly, the default RPG Maker menu, along with many variations...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    @Galenmereth: I love the idea of the sun shining after you leave every house, but I think it may get annoying after happening for every house. I'd have to play it and see how I like it in-game, but maybe if it does turn out too repetitive then you can make it just when you come out of caves or...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Yeah I liked all the different places that the title screen may take place. It gives the player a new experience every time they open up the game, which I like.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Very interesting. I've never really seen anything like it before and I like it a lot, except for the two windows. They don't really fit in the title screen and seem like something you would find in-game. A lot of the time with title screens simpler is better so i think just the title, menu...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    @HumanNinjaToo: What tiles are those? I notice Celianna's but the plants and trees I don't recognize. Also, great HUD.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    @Luchino: Your battle system looks interesting. Nice mapping as usual, but I agree you should change the sprites for the HP/MP bars. Right now they look too... mainstream.  :P Maybe something brown or tan-ish with a gold border?
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    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    @Sievnn: Very nice use of Celianna's tiles. I'm assuming the second map isn't complete, but you should add pathways, people, maybe some trash or plants, or maybe even a small fountain or something in the empty bottom area with some bushes around it. @Goatrider: My first parallax was complete...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    @MikePjr: I actually really like those graphics. Most of it does seem to blend well, and if I were you I would keep the house tiles the way they are (From the little bit that's visible in that shot I think it looks nice), but yes I do think the trees should be just a tiny bit darker. Same with...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    It's cool to see some other people's use of the new horror pack. I like your idea but my only criticism is that the radiator seems very out of place. It doesn't seem like it would be able to work there.

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